Tuesday, 27 January 2015

the kindness of others

This has always been something I never really believed in , someone trips over and a complete stranger picks them up ? yea right I was always a firm believer that if you fall only you can pick your self up. But tonight well this is a different story on the way back from tescos the car decides to have one of its fits no petrol. Great we're buggered no money no credit cards sod all. 

So first problem we're pretty screwed res1080p is in the drivers seat and I'm pushing so hard like you do after a mean curry  then out of no were a little ol' lady pulls up and offers help! telling her the issue she drives me back to tescos and gets us £5 petrol out of the kindness of her own heart and pays for it her self . An angel sent from above someone we really couldn't thank enough 

OK at this point we have petrol great. lets get home get tea and relax. Nope not gonna happen the battery decides to die BLOODY GREAT FECKIN BALLS yea we said lots of bad words lots of screaming and kicking then out of no were a young lad offers a push ! so we're pushing and pushing breaking our backs getting no were more screaming more bad words lol the young lad had to go home so we're thinking of the next step and we start pushing again .....

Then a true gent arrived an older guy that offers a tow ! my god were thinking is this really happening ? three people offering a hand ? the older man tows us right to the front door and tells us how he has done this before. As I said the  kindness of strangers is something Ive never really believed in before tonight I can truly say I will be paying it forward. 

Written by z0mbi3gam3r

Friday, 16 January 2015

Free speach the road to trouble?

I'm a firm believer in the power of free speech with out it the human race would be mindless robots following orders not using their own minds for nothing else then the mindless day to day routine. But when you give the power free speech to the ones that don't deserve it  like the monsters who carried out the senseless killings in Paris then you start  getting in to dangerous waters.

So how do you face something like this ? everyone deserves the power to say what they think right ? if something annoys them they should say right ? animals like this don't deserve rights like this they deserve to be locked in a room with a pack of angry PMS filled women. BUT if you take away the power of free speech does that not make us as bad as the ones firing the guns ?

 like  I said its dangerous waters personally I think the Muslim extremists need to be shot. point blank shot I know that will never happen monsters like this i cant stress enough don't deserve the right to free speech they're the kind of people that believe punching someone is better then talking that a bullet says more then a million words  there has always been people like this  though history, there called bullies people that screams it has to be their way or nothing at all i really fear for the human race part of me thinks OK these people only understand 1 thing guns, bullets not talking not understanding that the pen is and will always be mightier then the sword , so talk to them how they understand will guns but that's not right violence has never solved anything so why start ? 

so ill leave it there as always thanks for watching and let me know what you think below 

Written By z0mbi3gam3r
je suis charlie

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

#JeSuisCharlie a sad day for france

Our hearts go out to the poor family's in France.  You have our thoughts and hearts I know its hard right now but you need to stay strong for each other. I honestly thought the first blog of the year would be a good one but its with a sad heart I write about the evil in the world its never easy to write about something sad I just hope people learn from this and realize that there are bigger things in the world to fight about. 

It seems the world ( well Europe ) have linked arms in respect wit the hash tag #JeSuisCharlie which means ' i am charlie'  millions of people standing together believing in the same thing free speech and that the pen is mightier then the sword a great concept. That to think is to better then to throw a punch a wish the world takes this on. To judge one race by the actions of a few is the most ridiculous thing ever.  

I'm going to leave it there if I start writing about the monsters that did this I fear I will not stop.

Written By z0mbi3gam3r

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