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Monday, 23 March 2015

10 Years Of New Who

3 days from now marks the return of the faithful Blue Box, the box that in the 60's every child dreamed of. I'm talking of course about the TARDIS, that old faithful that stole a time lord and ran to see the universe. 

10 years ago on the 26th of march 2005 at 7pm on BBC 1 the doctor bounced back on our screens larger then life, with Christopher Eccleston at the helm the episode simply titled 'rose' showed us rose meeting the doctor while shes living her mundane life working in a shop and eating chips, then walking down to the cellar after her shift she meets him , the doctor and what does he say 'run' and they do so very far.

There's been a lot of talk weather they should celebrate the 10 year mark, I'm a little split on this yea as a devoted doctor who fan the geek in me is shouting OH MY GOD YES!  but the old school fan in me is thinking well we've just ha the 50th anniversary and it was incredible to say the lest, and yes the reboot is incredible its given us so much from Christopher Eccleston  to Matt smith hanging from the tardis as unit carries it to meet Kate and of course its given us back  the master and its lost so much to , one of my all time favorites

Yes Nu who is fantastic but has the balance between new and old doctor who gone to far ? are we going to see a hole different doctor who this year? let me know what you think below !!

Written By z0mbi3gam3r 

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