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Tuesday, 10 March 2015


It is a dark day for us all Clarkson has been suspended from work , and top gear has been canceled and we don't know why the BBC has reported its because Clarkson had a fracas with a beeb producer. according to the BBC no other presenter has been suspended. but yet they punish the top gear fans with taking the show of the air how pathetic. 

YES Clarkson is loud, brutish and very stand off - ish but that's why we like him, hes different, from a generation that will speak their mind and get what they want , I  ask whats wrong with that ? the guy knows what he wants and go's for it ! we could all do with having more Clarkson in us! so I ask the beeb look at what you've done. you have taken of the air  a show that was one of your biggest flagship corners and you wont even tell us the full story ! there's a rumor that he had the 'Fracas' with a woman producer

If it was for having a Fracas with a woman producer what happened to being equal ? if Clarkson had a Fracas with a male producer ? 

Written By z0mbi3gam3r 

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