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Sunday, 27 March 2016

More Cheap Meals ideas - the guide to moving out part 1 -

A week to Pay Day you look in the kitchen and you see sod all , you check the bank and you got £5 to do the week for meals that's 3 a day for 1 week so what do you do ? sit in a corner and hide ? looking at pictures of food on line watching you tube videos of epic meal time getting to the point  where you want to eat the screen ? 

well we've all been there your literately thinking what would ice soup would taste like , or if you pick the mold of the bread could you still eat it with out sitting on the loo the rest of the day swearing lots...

well never fear I can help you cook some great cheap meals that will last you about 1 week here are a few tips to help you on the way :

lets break it down you've got £5 for meals that's enough for :

Tesco value bread at 40p 
Tesco value beans at 39p
Tesco value soft cheese 49p

Lets start of simple , if you have a sandwich toaster your sorted with this, simply spread the soft cheese on the bread and add 2 table spoon fulls of beans in the middle add the other slice on top then place in a warm sandwich toaster let it cook for a few minutes until golden brown. take it out and you'll have a quick snack that's great any time.

If you don't have a sandwich toaster its OK , simply toast the bread under the grill with the soft cheese and cook the beans separately then Dig in . The beans you don't use put in a air tight container for next time !

So after that you got 3.72 left another great idea is 

Tesco value pasta at 30p
Tesco value everyday value mixed veg (frozen ) 89p 

and the soft cheese from the last meal :) 

OK cook the pasta and veg in the one pan ... add the soft cheese its a great quick dinner that you can keep in the fridge if you cook to much for next time. As for the amounts you cook that's up to you personally I cook about 2 handfuls of pasta and a bout the same for the veg.

So that's 2 meals down already and we have 2.53 left 

a absolute god send for me is noodles Tesco value ones at 20p per pack you cant beat it , if you cant get the 30p pasta from tescos go for a pack of value noodles the chicken ones are the best if you cook them in a pan with the frozen veg add some mayo its just as good.

 so lets get some meat... 

first things first bacon you gotta have bacon 

Tesco smoked bacon 7 slices for 1.50 
Tesco Everyday Value Eggs Minimum Weight Box Of 6 for 70p 
and Tesco value noodles 20p 

so simple a child could cook it , cook the noodles and fry the bacon cut the bacon up in to little bits and mix with the noodles then fry on egg ( soft yolk or hard which ever you like ) add the egg to the top of the noodles and bacon  and there you go! its so good you cant beat it.

from this you should have some left overs weather its the bread the soft cheese or the bacon work around with the ingredients and see what happens !

from time to time ill post more and more tips to moving out and surviving the world out side from budgeting the balance to trying to write a C.V so keep your eyes peeled ! 

Written By z0mbi3gam3r

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