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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

40 Kids With 20 Different Woman A Very Much WTF Moment

Looking on the BBC news today I saw something that I couldn't believe a man has had 40 kids with 20 different gullible woman OMG why? just Why?!

 surely someone should of stopped him after 1!

Unemployed former fairground operator Mike Holpin, of south Wales, has children aged between three and 37 but says he has so many he would not recognise all of them. Its disgusting does he not have any self respect or any respect for humanity its self ? hes a womanising pig its clear the scary thing is he wants more kids 

three timed married Mike was quoted bragging how he used one of his kids to attract woman 
“He used to be my pulling thing, when he was a baby. I picked up a few birds like that. There’s nothing nicer than a single fella with a little baby.“It’s sex, that’s all there is. If it’s got a pulse. Sex is sex, she can look like the back of a bus... doggy style if she’s ugly.”

well Mike have you looked in the mirror lately ? 

he looks like TVs shameless drop out ,a disgusting leech  with NO JOB!!! so yes the tax paying public pay for his kids including the son that has just done a stint in prison I don't want my tax paying money going to this feckless wonder!

The dad told Channel Five tonight: “I’m very excited because me and him are so close he is so much like me in every way.
“His head’s in the shed, but he’s a good boy. I can’t make up for what I have done, all I can do is be there for them now, I will just keep fighting.

this is the type of thing that happens when you don't have a good male role model growing up as a kid you will end up in trouble which does suck badly 

he insists he wants more kids , but his fiancee Diane has rejected the idea. MY GOD HES GETTING MARRIED I....I.... I'm lost for words  I'm not going to go there at all. 

this man needs to be chemically castrated SOON!

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The Concerned Gamer 

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