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Thursday, 26 March 2015

Sarkeesian (yes her again)

I've just looked at the 'Feminist Frequency' Face book page and threw up a little. Why is that you ask ? 
well ill show you 

how dare she !! for someone that hates violence she really sticks by her guns. the four ladies in the picture are river song (doctor who ) Buffy ( the vampire slayer ) Xena ( the warrior princess ) Katara ( from Avatar the Last Air bender) so whats her game ? is she saying these 4 strong female characters are feminist's ? its a bit sickening to say the lest. Yes there all ass kicking woman that lets face it you wouldn't want to meet or piss off but that's the thing, they are violent. surely she See's that its a bad move ?. You cant hate men for portraying violent characters and praise the woman that do. one rule for one and a different for another isn't right or fair!.

Sarkeesian is on a power trip now its clear  she may of had 'good intentions' at the start but shes slowly getting more and more power hungry we've already seen her take on the gaming world whats next? the whole Internet ? will she have men asking permission to take a dump ?!?! she is someone that scares the crap out of me. shes seen the amount of hipster followers shes now got and doesn't want to stop the amount of woman blindly following her and the men nipping at the women's heels trying to make nice thinking 'yea I buy in to this feminist bull crap I'll be able to bag my self a hipster follower' surely in Sarkeesian's eyes this is bad? if she hates men so much she See's this !?.

now some of the more regular readers of this blog will remember sometimes there is a Girl gamer that has written for us before , ( the concerned gamer ) and that's me all this is from a girls point of view and proudly so.

Written By 

The Concerned Girl Gamer.

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Adam Deacon Sectioned Under Mental Health Act

yup the star from kidulthood has been sectioned under the Mental Health Act the BAFTA-award winning filmmaker, was due to appear in court today to answer charges of affray and possession of a long bladed sword following an incident in Bethnal Green back in January. But The actor-director, who rose to fame in the gritty British teen drama ‘Kidulthood’, could not appear at the Thames Magistrate Court as he’d been sectioned under the Mental Health Act, this is a sad day , Mr Deacon once was and still is a great actor I hope he gets back on his feet asap,
the 32-year-old won the BAFTA Rising Star Award in 2012 following the release of his directorial debut ‘Anuvahood’ in 2011. 

its worrying to see him get sectioned but looking at the films hes directed and stared in you can see why , playing a 'wanna be' gangster you can see why hes gone down this route from  being charged with one count of harassment to sitting on the tube clutching a can of bud and smoking a Rollie ( that's a rolled up smoke) you could think that hes hit his limit way to soon

Back in January he was in court  were he denied harassing Noel Clarke back in 2012. In some ways I do feel sorry for Adam Deacon, if this is him pulling a Britney then I hope he gets back on his feet soon , but if this is a way to get out of court , then I hope he stays at rock bottom. 

Written By z0mbi3gam3r 

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