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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Depth Game A Must For Christmas?

Depth "A multiplayer game set in a dark aquatic world" Where you can play as either a shark or a diver in an exciting battle for underwater dominance.

As a shark your goal is to use your killer instincts to stalk and hunt out your prey.. the divers and under water creatures that enable power ups of sorts. You must use your speed and and razor sharp jaws to rip apart your foes!

As a diver you must explore the under water world and it's mystery's to seek out treasure in order to purchase upgraded equipment to try and defend yourself against the terror-some shark threat, there are many weapons to arm yourself with ranging from high powered spear guns to explosive sea mines!

With it's beautiful graphics dynamic yet challenging game play depth offers a truly fun and engaging game play experience with Extremely satisfying take-down feel as you tear apart divers or send spears into raging sharks.

In summery Depth offers everything you could want of a shark vs diver game! plenty of fun plenty of kills/ways to kill and strong multiplayer gaming experience.
Definitely worth a look!


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