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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Gotta love that lasagne ! - Man Fucks His Dinner Then Complains Too hot

As wondering around the vast empty space that is Facebook I found this story. first I nearly pissed my pants laughing yes a man really did  get down and funky with a Tesco value lasagne and they say romance is dead. If this is the type of shopper going to tescos sign me up for lidls. 

The only thing I keep thinking is OMG WHY, WHY WHY  WHY!? the article states he saw a video online of a man getting funky with a home made large lasagne.  talk about being a food lover his google history must be Jamie Oliver's worst nightmare. 

And blistered bell end? well maybe he liked extra cheese ! LOL
now don't get me wrong I love tescos value food as much as the next guy but that's pushing it way to far lol.

Being in tescos at around 3am some times I do see some strange shoppers Ive seen granny's looking at thongs  to young couples to embarrassed to by condoms. it really makes you think , will this guy be a repeat offender ? ! will we need a protection order for the poor tesco value food ?! LOL 

this puts a (w)hole new meaning to the word food porn 

Id like to thank Vince Shaw ( the lasagne lover !) for the best giggles Ive had in ages !

Toad in the hole anyone?
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