Friday, 28 November 2014

Black Friday Maddness !

Yup that time of year, black Friday is here with a bang and how do we know ? apart from the endless Internet adverts and TV , we were there we battled the crowds at tescos at midnight ! we got there about and hour before to allow enough time the only problem, it was crazy so packed speaking to a few different people some had been there from 8pm

utter madness, when we were there people were screaming punching ( yup res got a punch or two in the back and the chest) but we walked out of there triumphantly with a great deal 32 inch blaupunkt TV :D after walking out we chatted to a few other shoppers, a few tried to grab some things but got punched in the ribs possibly broken as well. 

not only that in the madness a lady was punched in the face with a broken nose yup she got punched for a TV. a bloody TV I'm all for grabbing a bargain but that's just insane another poor sod paid for his TV ( that's a 50 inch TV) and dropped it on the way out and yes it smashed  that poor sod.

here a quick video of some of the craziness that went down. 


For those that don't know what black Friday is :
The day After Thanksgiving (Friday) is known as Black Friday. This also is unofficially or officially start of holiday shopping season. Almost all stores come out with Door buster Sales with early bird special to attract consumers to their stores. People stand in line hours before store is opened, to grab the bargain of the year. Almost every store has something that interests every one. For bargain hunters, if there is a biggest festival in a year, that would be, no doubt, the Black Friday. 

So basically its a day where everyone go's totally nuts  best advise to anyone going to a black Friday sale ware extra padding, head to the shops hours before, park far enough that no one will see ( car jacking can happen )

Written By  z0mbi3gam3r

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Why do hackers hack?

There's been talk resonantly about the hackers from CS:GO this leads me to ask why did they ? 

For the edge up ? to test for weaknesses in the game ? to troll other players?  after searching you tube reading countless number of comments I see most do it because of temptation its there the chance to be better then your enemy with no effort. Its a pointless task that to be honest ruins the hole game for others now don't get me wrong there are some guys out there that manipulate the game for other reasons I can think of a few guys that change the rules of hacking totally, not for the 'leg up' but for the laughs Good Guy Jason comes to mind from dayz not a hacker for benefit but for making funny videos ( hes on you tube ). 

But then you get guys hacking for shear kicks. hacking has now become a million dollar business and the sad thing is its growing, with more and more top players being able to buy hacks and cheats for pence. the chance of playing at the top 'legitimately' is impossible with guys like KQLY and Gordon "Sf" Giry how can the little guys make it ?. When rust came out it was tagged as the next big game better then dayz and warz but play the game now and its packed with nothing but hackers. Its no longer about who can survive the longest but who has the better cheats its turned in to a complete mess with no sign of Gary or 'cheat punch' trying to improve it, they can say they are but lets face it the amount of hackers v's what they're doing doesn't really fill me with confidence me and res started playing rust when it was alpha stage and watched the game rise and crash so low. 
 some call the people that pay to cheat on games the steroid-users of video games the guys that cant get enough of winning to me id call them ass holes and aim bots all they do is troll others to get a kick out of giving hell to others. 

to end on a note hackers suck they trash some great games for others and not care on the out come , 

what do you think ? let me know  below 

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Sunday, 23 November 2014

#GamerGate Is It Dead?

So the Internet movement isn't dead and rightly so, no matter how much the main stream media tries to change it, twist it,  or kill it gamer gate is a idea and an idea cant be killed off , its a just worthy idea fighting for ,The first part, the respectable part, is a debate about the ties between makers of video games and the journalists who write about them. And yes, that relationship should be ethical, and not involve favours, money, sex, or cronyism.

and who can blame them ? wanting to know there's more honesty in the video game industry  knowing your spending your well earned money on what you want and getting what you paid for, for example last year I checked reviews on battlefield 4 from a few different you tubers, got it paid for it and hated it the you tubers retracted their option soon after stating it was rubbish. If there were more honesty between the guys reviewing the games and the game developers i wouldn't of wasted £50 for the limited addition pack. 

now the second part of gamer gate worries me the small amount of men that think girls shouldn't play video games at all,  the misogynist video-game players apparently angry about what they see as women and feminine values encroaching on their "space." these guys I run from , I don't want anything to do with them.
 some people might think this is quite a new thing well after looking in to this more I can tell you that its not, woman have always faced issues like this with gaming for years, after checking out the BBC news archive I see woman have been playing for years. and dealing with guys for years to. 

yea trolls say things to girl gamers like 
"Get back in the kitchen and take your goddamn hands off a video game controller."
"I hope your boyfriend beats you. Nah, you can't get a boyfriend."  

Guess what? guys get this to. A gamer wont worry whether your  black, white, African,  polish or Greek they don't care!   they will how ever use what they can as ammo so if your a girl they'll use that to try and piss you off or if your gay they will use that to its called smack talk it happens! 

so on this note I leave it at I hope gamer gate keeps going strong and doesn't stop!! 

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Saturday, 22 November 2014

kim kardashian breaking the internet



I don't know if she was making a political statement on the resent feminism up rise or just loves her Photo shopped arse so much. either way it was a pretty stupid idea. I've got to feel sorry for her kids one day they'll be old enough to see her half naked on line and how the Internet have twisted it to many many different memes

she tried to break the Internet , didn't work all she did is conform for many why its important to educate the youth of today  to get careers and push the understanding of trying, to push the human spirit to learn more and dream, If anyone reads this blog I hope you take away one thing don't show you're arse for profit show your personality and skill. you'll get more from it. 
some people could say yea she looks great ! but why? was it brave to show her photo shopped body ? or would it be braver to accomplish something outstanding like winning a Nobel Prize or the Woman of Achievement awards? Or outstanding charity work? a person is worth more then their body.

so let me know what you think was it a good idea? or was it totally stupid? 

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Friday, 21 November 2014

the legend of zelda a sexist classist racist game ? from the concerned gamer

So the army of feminazis have been at it again this time attacking a much loved childhood game Zelda the plucky hero with the magical ocarina. 

apparently Zelda is nothing but a sexist, classist , racist   game again I find my self screaming at the screen every time I read something like this, Zelda was one if the first games I played on the Original  nes and loved it did I care that I had to play the male hero saving the day? nope loved it. 

link is also being accused of being classist , HOW just HOW ! ? he starts the very first game with a wooden sword! ( this was back in 1987 so most of the fembitchies weren't even born!)  he doesn't  even have a job! hes just happy enough to go on adventures saving the day hes a poor plucky hero saving the day 

as for the army of fembitches slowly attacking each of our beloved games whats next? perhaps they'd like to start on Mickey Mouse: Adventures in Wonderland? Zelda is wonderful game great for anyone any age , any race. the army of feminazi's forget that Zelda is the childhood friend most gamers can relate. to looking on face book I can see the hate from this 


so ill finish on this note the feminazis don't talk for me i have my own brain , and I love Zelda!

Written By the Concerned Gamer

Thursday, 20 November 2014

More Energy Drinks for Diabetics

After yesterdays review I figured to add some more on energy drinks. Today Ive got sugar free Evolve from home bargains 4 for 79p great value usually as  these are 4 for £1 at pound land.

A mixed fruit flavor with a hint of the sweet, refresher it holds a mellow taste that's easy to drink when its room temperature its gross stick it in the freezer for half an hour and drink :) 

Boost energy 
the cheap (ish) Lt bottle of caffeine easy to grab from the  shelf , around £1.29 its OK for a small glass but don't drink it first thing on a empty stomach you will be sitting on the toilet the rest of the day ! it has a bitter taste you' ll find with most cheap energy drinks like I said its OK for the price but there is better tasting options out there!

Asdas Blue charge
Working in a office for 9 hours a day I usually need a little pick me up all day and I cant stand the taste of coffee so ill end up drinking bottles of this all day its cheap , tastes of your generic energy drink flavor but well worth it asdas sometimes have it for 79p for a Lt so your cant knock it. Also if your lucky they'll have it 2 for £1 so its a good idea to keep a look out .

Mountain Dew Energy Sugar Free 
horse piss. That's all I can say the after taste is so good awful I had to  rinse my mouth out they market it for gamers but to honestest id rather drink a rung out sanitary towel. the best drink I could suggest for a heavy nights gaming is  of course sugar free monster.
Its best to avoid this one unless you enjoy the toxic gagging after taste of lemon and caffeine and sweetener.

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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Energy Drinks For Diabetics

As a type 1 diabetic addicted to caffeine from rock star, monster red bull, tescos kick, asdas blue charge Ive tried them all , and all sugar free  most of which can be quite bitter and leave a nasty after taste like emerge sugar free its great at 35p but the after taste can leave a bad taste in your mouth

a good one I think is rock star pure zero it has a great after taste and is easy to drink fruity but mellow as well perfect for the morning after a heavy night gaming and at 99p you cant knock it 

now as for the devils drink , my favourite Monster energy , my favourite of the sugar free range is the lo-carb with a yummy bubblegum taste this is by far my favourite near on impossible to get now I recommend stocking up if you can its worth it
it works out around £1 to £1.30 per can perfect for staying awake ! and giving the extra boost you need :) the other sugar free option is absolute zero this one has more of a similar taste like rock star still worth trying

now for the one that started it all , Red bull the first energy drink I ever had with a sharp sweet taste even  being sugar free it didn't taste that way, OK value for money but to be honest being able to buy the larger cans of monster and red bull has put me of red bull sugar free. locally I can only find the regular sizes in sugar free as the red bull hype as all but over now most places will sell it for about 89p so if this is your favourite its a good idea to look around first,

So ill end on that note let me know what you think below  on your experiences with energy drinks what ones have you tried? what ones can you recommend ?

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The Flash !

OK when I watched the first episode I figured its going to wash out nothing much worth watching but OMG I'm glad to say i was so wrong it depicts how Barry gets his powers, and the death of is mother.

the latest episode shows the flash up against is old high school bully 'tony' a meta human with the power to turn in to solid steel , kind of ironic when you think of superman !, with iris's life at risk the flash bolts in and saves the day not with out getting his bones smashed the first few times first ! by using the power of a sonic boom hes able to gather enough speed to punch tony square in the face brilliant! 

Reverse Flash 064the end scene shows another flash threatening iris's father telling him to stop investigating the flash's mothers death  I have a feeling this could be the reverse flash, aka the Professor Zoom for those that don't know : 

Reverse-Flash is a name used by several speedsters who are enemies to the Flash. The original Reverse-Flash was The Rival, arch-nemesis to Jay Garrick in the Golden Age. Professor Zoom was the first villain to call himself Reverse-Flash, a 25th Century scientist who fought Barry Allen in the Silver Age.

so the over all view on the series so far? fantastic! I really hope they speed though ( pun intended ) and head straight to the second series .

Written By z0mbi3gam3r

Cheap meals for the unemployed/skint! Or students!

Are you skint ? No money ? unemployed? well we've asked our friend the concerned gamer to help us out with a few cheap meal ideas and here is the first one ....

meal idea 1       spicy beans on toast!                                             


Tesco value beans  cost : 24p
Tesco value bread cost  : 45p
Tesco Mild Chili Powder cost : 50p  
Loose Brown Onions cost: 16p

OK pretty simple for the first one 

toast the bread 
cook beans in saucepan on a low heat 
while the beans are cooking add a pinch of chili ( or how ever hot you like it )
chop 1 onion in to half use 1 half and chop again in to smaller bits ! then add to beans 

pour on to toast and eat ! 

total cost of meal : £1.35  and you can use the bread for other meals to! 

meal idea 2 egg fried bread!

Tesco value bread cost  : 45p  ( use the bread form the first meal if you still got it saves the pennies ) 
 Tesco Everyday Value Eggs Minimum Weight Box Of 6 cost: 89p 
Tesco Everyday Value Table Salt 1Kg cost : 25p
Tesco Everyday Value Tomato Ketchup cost:  55p ( if wanted to add to taste )


preheat a frying pan on a low heat with a little oil
OK beat 2 eggs in a  bowl , adding a pinch of salt add more eggs if you want more egg fried bread!
then cut the bread in to halves 
dip the bread in to the egg mix making sure all is covered 
place the now covered bread in to the frying pan until golden brown then turn until the other is brown to 
repeat this with the bread until all the egg mix is gone

then place on a plate add tomato ketchup if desired and enjoy! 

total cost of meal :  £2.14 

remember with is idea you may still have bread left over from the last idea and you may not add the
Tomato Ketchup so on that the meal may only cost £1.14

and last but not lest my favorite the pudding  ice cream floaters !


Tesco Everyday Value Soft Scoop Vanilla Ice Cream cost : 89p

Tesco Everyday Value Sugar Free Cola 2 Litre Bottle cost : 17p


grab a pint glass fill 3/4 of the way with the cola     

add ice cream in one table spoon full at a time ( it will froth up don't worry ) 

grab a straw and a spoon then enjoy!

total cost of meal : £1.06

hope you found these useful comment below and let me know ! ill be adding more next week! 

if you cant get these ingredients at tescos or there's no tescos near you try your local smart price range at your local super market

written by the concerned gamer

Monday, 17 November 2014

How to deal with Trolls

So , Internet trolls how do we deal with them? there's loads of different ways to do so , the popular tell a grown up, Report the troll to an op, administrator, or site owner the administrator or site owner will know how to deal with the troll and will know whether to ban or kick.what does this get you ? sure they kick, ban the troll but then what? 

what if the admin or site owner is a troll as well ? well then your screwed you cant tell the sight owner if there just as bad a the troll what do you do then ? this is were you decide weather your going to back down or fight back. they say don't no feed the trolls don't give in and give them what they want. 

but what if you did ? what if you fed the trolls to the point of over feeding? hit every comment with a lighting response for example :

some people tend to go for the over clingy your my new best friend method which can work depending on what type of troll you have,  if it works the troll will leave you a lone after a while

or there's the more favorable one totally freak them out , like completely freak them out to the point they leave . if they say something like  'bend over' reply with  'yea i said that to your mum as well....'  it is possible to out troll a troll you just need to play it cool they get kicks by making pain and misery on others, it could be as  they have pain in their own life , something that kills them inside , it could be anything , being bullied at school to work going shit to being mad at there mummy for not tucking them in at night, if your able to find out what the chink in their Armour is use it , it will get them wound up to the point they will leave 

Ive tried this method it can work you just need to stand fast and have good come backs.

so ill leave it on this note remember if your faced with a troll don't ignore, you could walk away yea , and tell them your not going to respond as you don't feed trolls, or if able fire back with a quick response. 

Written By z0mbi3gam3r

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Gotta love that lasagne ! - Man Fucks His Dinner Then Complains Too hot

As wondering around the vast empty space that is Facebook I found this story. first I nearly pissed my pants laughing yes a man really did  get down and funky with a Tesco value lasagne and they say romance is dead. If this is the type of shopper going to tescos sign me up for lidls. 

The only thing I keep thinking is OMG WHY, WHY WHY  WHY!? the article states he saw a video online of a man getting funky with a home made large lasagne.  talk about being a food lover his google history must be Jamie Oliver's worst nightmare. 

And blistered bell end? well maybe he liked extra cheese ! LOL
now don't get me wrong I love tescos value food as much as the next guy but that's pushing it way to far lol.

Being in tescos at around 3am some times I do see some strange shoppers Ive seen granny's looking at thongs  to young couples to embarrassed to by condoms. it really makes you think , will this guy be a repeat offender ? ! will we need a protection order for the poor tesco value food ?! LOL 

this puts a (w)hole new meaning to the word food porn 

Id like to thank Vince Shaw ( the lasagne lover !) for the best giggles Ive had in ages !

Toad in the hole anyone?
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more tweets from Anita and the shirt that helped to land a miracle

It seems every day I think about what to blog about and every day now Anita sarkeesian hands me something on a plate her latest tweet :

"Gamer Gate is a monster the industry itself created by telling male gamers they’re the centre of the universe & catering to their every whim."

yea she said that. so gamer gate is something created by the industry its self ? I cant see it, call me stupid but I just cant see how the gaming industry created gamer gate considering gamer gate is  by their own definition:

A group against the corruption in the gaming industry, from developers to journalists.  

how the hell is this a group of male gamers being told they are at the centre of the universe? Ive read the posts by Gamer gate Ive listened to the live streams on you tube Ive looked though the tweeter pages and everyone linked to gamer gate, Ive googled it countless number of times, but yet I still cant see anything that relates to man power ! 

as for women in gamer gate well you've got queeny a you tuber that holds regular hang outs for the girls of gamer gate and of course not forgetting #notyourshield were gamers from all walks of life join in on the discussion 

 I'm really getting the impression  that Anita  is a massive, massive troll. either that or : 

I wonder whats next for  Anita sarkeesian ? perhaps she wont be happy until everyone is Asexual  and all looking like goobacks from south park. 

now time to tackle that shirt 

firstly I want to say its a damn shirt  GET OVER IT the man lands a probe on a moving comet possibly the greatest accomplishment of the 21st century and he gets it in the neck for wearing a shirt   with 'half dress girls'

 its sad to think that British scientist Dr Matt Taylor will be remembered not for a great achievement for man kind but wearing a  shirt that femnazis are pissed about. so the shirts a little unorthodox on this I have a question , who of us don't have a item of clothing that's a little different from the norm ? personally I have a ghost busters t shirt I ware to work! does anyone complain about it ? No ( I work in a office ) . and lets not forget the grandfather of science  Albert Einstein long hair and seen as quite unorthodox  But he gave birth the the theory of relativity so I say to the woman of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). give the guy a break hes not the first scientist to be a little different to push the boat out and I dare say he won't be the last 

So ill end on that note don't forget to tell me what you think below !  

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bayonetta a sex symbol driven by men Or a powerful woman?

Theres been lots of talk lately about the great fem fetal bayonetta, 

 some saying that she is the complete male dream others saying she is the empowerment of woman after playing bayonetta 1 I can only say ITS JUST A GAME!! OK looking at the facts she is a strong powerful woman that could kick a man to death, with a swift kick to the balls

and yes she is quite sexy there's no denying it but who really cares? lets face it a strong female character that both sells to male and females I wonder were we have seen that before? 

so its an old story sex sells. from Lara Croft to  bayonetta. its something that happens, playing to gamers needs and desires weather its a man or woman playing its still playing to the needs of the audience  as for other female game characters there's a massive list

the not so sexy but animated Amy rose from sonic the hedgehog
or there's:

  • Samus Aran in Metroid. ...
  • Chun-Li in Street Fighter. ...
  • Cammy in Street Fighter. ...
  • Lara Croft in Tomb Raider. ...
  • Jill Valentine in Resident Evil. ...
  • Claire Redfield in Resident Evil. ...
  • Meryl Silverburgh in Metal Gear Solid. ...
  • Princess Zelda in The Legend of Zelda.

 the point I'm making is there is woman characters in video games and strong ones to , and yes some are out right sexulised like bayonetta, but others are there to kick ass like Anna from tekken perhaps? or Nina? sure still a sexy female character but powerful and strong which takes me back to of course Bayonetta a strong powerful sexy woman that makes one hell of a game.

Ill leave it on that note , what do you think ? are the female characters in video games nothing but a dream driven by men ? Or portrayed as a strong fem fatal figure?

Written By z0mbi3gam3r

Saturday, 15 November 2014

The Feminist Frequency at it again!

So shes done it again stating that There's no such thing as sexism against men. that's because sexism is prejudice + power .men are the dominant gender with power in society:

seriously Anita I mean really ? men face sexism all the time ! if you don't open your eyes and take a look around soon your going to lose what little grip you have on reality. 

I  think shes forgetting one of the most powerful women in our time lady Margaret thatcher a strong woman that ran the UK for about 10 years. many young girls look up to her and respect her as do many others and why ? because she was a strong woman that got the job done. you could love her or hate her but cant forget how she got it done. 

now to break down her latest tweet first part : Theres no such thing as sexism against men 
well there is ,
Social/Legal discrimination 
1) Harsher punishments for the same crime.
2) Unfair family courts - not getting custody for the child.
3) Male victims of DV not taken seriously.
4) Male victims of rape not taken seriously.
5) No special laws like VAWA to protect men, even though men are the majority of victims of violent crime.
6) For the same crime, irrespective of the gender of the offender - perpetrator gets more punishment if the victim is female rather than male. This shows the life of men is valued less than women.
7) Men can be conscripted into the army anytime. They cannot even vote without enrolling for the draft.
8) Violence against men by women is socially acceptable, celebrated in the media. Reverse is not true.
9) No/Very few shelters for male victims of DV.
10) No reservations for men in jobs, colleges, etc.. (Affirmative action for women)
11) Men stereotyped by society as being violent, abusers, etc.
12) Young men have to pay higher car/road insurance.
13) Young men in Singapore have to compulsorily serve 2 years in the army on turning 18.
14) Male infant circumcision/genital mutilation is legal and performed widely and even completely socially accepted.
15) Males enrolled in are often given tougher, more dangerous tasks to perform than women in the same post (in a job)
16) Males are expected to carry heavy things for women, give up their seats for women, shovel snow, mow gardens and do any other job involving back-breaking manual labour, that women do not wish to perform.
17) Males are expected to not show emotion and remain stoic, under any circumstance.
18) Males who complain about being objectified are shamed as being “mentally fragile” or their sexuality is questioned.
19) In the army, or any other position men have to meet much higher physical standards than women (disproportionately higher number of push ups, pull ups, etc..)
20) Many countries do not even recognise female on male rape. It can maximally only amount to “sexual assault”
21) Male children are often given harsher punishments by teachers for the same level of mischief as girls.
22) Men are expected to ask women out, pay for dates, decide on the venue – basically it’s the man’s job to impress the woman, and not vice versa.
23) Men have no reproductive choices. The only choice men have is to use a condom (which can fail up to 3-5% of the times) or not have intercourse. Whereas women in addition to a host of contraceptives, also have the choice of abortion.
24) Men’s lives are given less value in any situation. In any emergency, always women are rescued first.
25) When a man slaps a woman, he is an abuser and a monster, When a woman slaps a man, “he must have done something to annoy her”
26) Victim blaming is acceptable ONLY when men are the victims and women the perpetrator.
27) When a man breaks up with a woman, he is called a “jerk”. When a woman dumps a man, “he must have failed her somehow”
28) Males do not have the privilege of showing affection to each other in public, people start questioning their sexuality. This doesn’t apply to women. 

how about the Fathers4justice campaign  ?  those poor fathers are an example of how fathers are treated differently in the courts surely this could be seen as sexism? would you like more examples? 

again Anita take your head out of your but hole and take a long look at your self. 

 and now for the second part of her tweet : that's because sexism is prejudice + power .men are the dominant gender with power in society 

again I remind you of lady Margaret thatcher and to take a look at other women of power, Michelle Obama , Angela Merkel , Beyonce Knowles and not forgetting  the first female video game designer Carol Shaw.

for those not sure on  who she is : breaking the ice for other women in the video game industry. Shaw began as an Atari employee, designing and programing 3-D Tic-Tac-Toe (1979) for the Atari 2600.[76] Shaw later joined Activision where she designed Happy Trails for the Intellivision and River Raid for the Atari 800 and Atari 5200 for which she is most widely known. Additionally, she designed an unreleased Polo game in 1978 and worked on the game Super Breakout.[77] Now retired, Shaw lives in California with her husband, Ralph Merkle.[78]
Shaw is credited on the following games:

  • 3-D Tic-Tac-Toe (1979), Atari, Inc.
  • Video Checkers (1980), Atari, Inc.
  • River Raid (1982), Activision, Inc.
  • Happy Trails (1983), Activision, Inc.
  • River Raid II (1988), Activision Publishing, Inc.
  • Intellivision Rocks (2001), Intellivision Productions Inc.
  • Polo (2002)
  • Activision Anthology (2002), Activision Publishing, Inc.
So Anita I ask this , have you even done any research ? to find this information it took me around 30 Min's ( I stopped half way for a cuppa)

Ill end on this note , there is sexism towards men they are portrayed as strong bread winning champions unable o doing anything else. I really hope Anita will some day see this. 

and as for her view on women in general : both me and Res and the concerned gamer get the impression that she hates women, and thinks shes saving a generation. well your not Anita far from it. thinking she is talking for all woman, well again your not Anita  far from it. Women are not thick they can make their own minds up. the only sexism we see here is coming from you against men. 

Written by Res1080p ,z0mbi3gam3r and The Concerned Gamer.

Friday, 14 November 2014

Feminist Frequency a concerned Gamers piont of view

So the concerned gamers back and wanted to say a few words on feminist frequency

Hi all ,

          first Id like to thank Res and z0mbi3 for letting me come back and cast my stone in the feminist frequency pound. After watching Anita Sarkeesian's video  on the Lego Friends for girls I see she not only has issues with computer games and gamers but also toys. This makes me angry as most girls I know when they were younger enjoyed playing with toys for boys to! they didn't care it was anything from footballs to K'nex ,

 they also enjoyed playing with girl stuff to barbies toy pony's and hair brush make up sets. Yet after taking to a few guys I know they would play with cabbage patch dolls, prams did they care? no they were just happy to play with others their own age.

now you could say but its only over the past few years that the separation between girls and boys have happened a key sign of this is the kinder surprise egg blue for boys pink for girls.

my point on this is so what? girls and boys should have the option to  play with what ever they like personally I believe the older toys were best not knowing what you'll get when you crack open the egg biting in to that sweet chocolate made it all the more better , but I'm not going to make girls that want to be girly change. Just like it would be wrong to say boys need to be covered in muscles and carry a axe on fire,  its down to the person how they act and how they are. as far as I'm aware there are still kinder eggs you can get that don't show if there  for girls or boys so why complain? the amount of complaining that's happened that girls and woman are being segregated in to being the weaker sex to be honest I see as stupid. Its down to choice not making a woman worth less than a man

If a child chooses to play with a doll does that child have to be a girl ? No
If a child chooses to play with Lego does that child have to be a boy ? No

so now ill point massive holes in Anita sarkeesian's view , she states that company's like Lego are separating the genders making toys only for girls etc... blah blah well Anita if you Google Lego mini figures girl  you'll find things like ,


and , 

also , 

not really the helpless girl figure Anita states is it ? really Anita do your home work before you go spouting of your feminist crap. If you really feel that girls have no choice but to play with pink toys and fluffy bunny rabbits then you need to open your eyes and take a good look around. Girls have been playing with toys for boys and boys playing with girl toys for years.

So Ill leave it there , once again massive thanks to Res and z0mbi3 for letting me cast my thoughts on this chances are ill be popping in and out of their blog hope you enjoyed!

Written By The Concerned Gamer

Daniel O'Reilly hitting ctrl Alt delete on Dapper laughs

So it looks like Daniel O'Reilly is deleting all record of dapper of the Internet, what good will it do ? the jokes have been made the videos are online there's no going back. His social media pages have not been active since the fabled news night interview

to be honest hes trying to be the scared little bunny rabbit in the head lights of a fast moving car, OK hes said 'sorry' and 'it shouldn't of gone that far' Blah blah blah , Ive said it before and ill say it again If this was just a character were did the idea come from ? the things he says and the way this 'character' acts makes me believe he was the  boy in school every girl rejected, so how does he respond? by saying things like she’s "gagging for a rape". and 

how pathetic can you get ?  most people are feeling sorry for the guy people like Katie Hopkins, ( I'm not even going to touch that with a pole, she disgusts me more then dapper) 

So this was all a character he made up. making fun of the homeless making out right ' rape' jokes on woman.  So and hes apologised , now what ? from what I can see Daniel O'Reilly is just a one trick wonder. If he is a comedian wheres hes other jokes about other stuff?? from what I can see he is just a out right sexiest bloke who probably  uses more make up then Jordon, guys like this make me ashamed to be a man. 

and now it looks like hes used the Goggle trick of decision on the right to be forgotten, guess what Daniel  that wont work when somethings put on line it stays there :


aren't cached  Page's wonderful?


So ill leave it on that note let me know what you think below should Daniel O Reilly be forgiven ? or should Dapper be killed of ?

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Thursday, 13 November 2014

Agents Of Shield writing on the wall

Coulson back in the memory machine,  May after Ward and Skye ready to shoot.
What more could you ask for ? this weeks episode delivered exactly what it promised writing on the wall which is  the strange alien writing we saw coulson and garret scribe on a wall, it turns out everyone injected ( but Skye) with the GH-325 from Project TAHITI has gone crazy with one guy in particular, deciding to cut the symbols in to others skin !. Its going to be interesting to see whats next, usually I hunt for next weeks promo but decided to hide from the spoilers, and  not to spoil it for the ones of you that haven't seen  this weeks but OMG  I didn't see that coming I figured a map yea, probably to the big blue guys home planet driving all those injected with his blood to go there but, for it to be a plan for a city makes me think what if this is a city still on earth ? Atlantis perhaps? I do hope so. There's been lots of talk saying Skye is an inhuman if this is the case then so is her father, just wondering what would this make coulson ? OK technically he's human. but with alien blood so does that now make him a mutant? with the world of marvel anything can happen. AND I CANT WAIT !!!, it was quite freaky watching coulson once again lose it after the memory machine gave his head a kick start I can see a battle of good v evil when Skye's dad comes back.

one thing still bugs me though WHERES LOLA!? 

and as I posted last night Ill leave it there tonight thanks for reading and let me know what you think by posting below :) 

Written By z0mbi3gam3r 

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