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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Doctor who Missy !!!

 So we now know Missy is THE MASTER !

yup this threw me , I thought Missy would of been Mistress Romana ! I loved the episode , such a shock to see the master back as a woman, through the series I keep wondering who she could be , everything from a distant river song relative, to of course Mistress Romana.

Some newspapers are taking this as a sign there might be a lady doctor , its possible with the lady doctors from the original who (Mistress Romana , River song  OK not from original who but born a time lady and gave her regenerations to the doctor ) 

then there's the kiss of course the Master kissing the doctor !
A picture says a thousand words , and this one says 'ok... i don't do hugs but i get kissed?' and you know this one says 'did i just kiss a DUDE?'

With the death of Danny pink are were going to see Clara lose the plot I think there's so much more that can be done with her character, shes been there a while but I think they've only scratched the top , last episode we saw her in a dream state throwing the tardis ( all 7 ) keys in to a active volcano to try and get the doctor to save him , I think there's more crazy underneath

so I'll end on this note : 


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