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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

The Fine Bros Fuck up...

So the latest Internet drama is The Fine Bros in a nut shell it seems they have tried to Copy right the 'react' word simply believing they have the rights to use it and no one else does. what utter crap, I mean what the hell were they thinking ? that the Internet would bend over and say yeah sure ? 

This probably isn’t the way the Benny and Rafi Fine expected their big announcement to go.
they just announced a new plan to have fans around the world make their own “React” videos - you know, things like “kids react to the first iPod” or “grandparents react to the latest Nicki Minaj video” - with a percentage of the ad revenue from those fan-made videos going to Fine Brothers Entertainment:

and even now they have back tracked like mad they are still losing subs like crazy currently at 13,768,162 and falling it doesn't look like they're going to recover any time soon. Its turning in to a massive witch hunt a massive rolling stone that's not going to stop.

For most Internet users and you tubers its pretty much watching the fall off an empire, from a channel that's been growing since Joined Jun 4, 2007 its pretty much exploded with the Fine bros earning a cool £18.6K - £297.5K  Estimated Monthly Earnings and now its in for an epic crash and burn.  The problem is clear they got way to greedy 


now the problem is most gamers when making you tube videos are basically reacting to the game so will that be a issue ? if the fine bros actually managed to trade mark that word react does that mean any add money you made from said video goes to them ? or would you need to take said video down? 

well fuck that

Since their announcement on Tuesday, the Fine Brothers have lost more than 170,000 followers from their You Tube channel.  

The Fine Brothers have become the convenient face of many people's frustrations. A lot of people don't like how content take down system works and that it treats you as guilty until proven innocent. That has helped this become the perfect storm of anger.

think ill leave it at that , needless to say I hope if they do live pass this they learn from it.

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