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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

X Files Returns!! ABOUT TIME TOO!

YES YES AND OH MY GOD YES it finally happening the BBC has confirmed the return of the other sci-fi heavy weight the all mighty X Files. David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson will reprise their roles as FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully for the six-part series. aah the x files many late nights as a kid watching and scaring my self silly with such greats as :

Lanny and Leonard, played by Vincent Schiavelli in the episode "Humbug": Lanny and Leonard are a pair of conjoined twins who are connected at the stomach. However, due to a genetic mutation, Leonard is malformed and is solely dependent on Lanny for nutrition and safekeeping. Leonard is convinced that the alcoholic Lanny is an unsuitable brother for him, and repeatedly disconnects from Lanny in attempts to find a new host; each time he does so the person he attempts to join himself to dies. After agents Mulder and Scully arrive to investigate, Leonard makes a desperate, last-ditch attempt to find a new host, and refuses to return to Lanny. Leonard is eaten by a local circus geek and Lanny dies soon afterwards.

the BBC reports that It is not yet known when it will air on TV I will be watching the skies for any updates!!! 
as its only 6 episodes I'm hoping that they do this as a 'test run'  sorta see how the waters are, weather the new world is ready for it ? i really  hope it is

the X files was  and is most defiantly a world wide phenomenon that shaped pop culture to were its  something that has stayed strong in the hearts of its true fans, with the world now being a stranger place lets hope its found its home now , and stays for a very VERY long time 

So ill say this WELCOME HOME X FILES !!! time to open the files again

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