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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

To We Ride Again My Friend Fast 7

I really don't know what to say about the last fast and furious film , it delivered hard hitting action with the love you see in any family and it felt like a fitting tribute to the last and great Paul walker , At the start of the film is the most hard hitting line Ive ever heard in any film, Given by Tyrese Gibson ( plays Roman Pearce )

"Promise me one thing Brian no more funerals ......" Yes I can admit I did shed a tear this point I'll happily admit it, The producers did a great job at distracting you that Paul walker was gone, until don says good bye then its hanky's at the ready as an adult I'll gladly admit to crying, Such a fitting good bye to someone I never knew but kind of did. Growing up with the fast and furious franchise it was easy to get pulled in to the story line and understand the main message of it all. 

Family comes first. That's what they are, Family they have grown since the first fast and furious film drifted on to our screens.

The best part of the film has got to be Jason Statham kicking ass with the rock and Vin diesel !  MY GOD its like the god of thunder going 10 rounds with the hulk freaking BRILLIANT! 

 You cant forget Dom driving The Lykan HyperSport through 3 different high rise buildings! Yes my god yes if you want to go to the cinema this year to see one film MAKE IT THIS ONE!

I really don't want to give to much away so I'll just say this the Fast 7 is by far the best fast and furious film there is, If you've enjoyed the others go see this one. I cant stress this enough its got it all Love, action, sadness and a hero to the very end you will be missed Paul Walker, Sir you will be missed.

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Sunday, 2 November 2014

fast and furious 7 the trailer!

Being a massive, massive fast and furious fan I was over the moon to find out....

ITS FINALLY HERE!!! after what feels like years of waiting , its finally here!! and it looks incredible! with Dwayne Johnson ,Jason Statham ,Paul Walker ,Lucas Black ,Vin Diesel ,Michelle Rodriguez and Tyrese Gibson the line up looks SO good! April the 3rd 2015 really cant come quick enough !!

After watching the interview with some of the crew you can tell they all love and miss Paul Walker , and who can blame them ?

 I can see how  fast and furious 7 will become the tribute to the late , great Paul Walker and its looking to be an outstanding one I cant wait for it , how about you ? let me know what you think below...

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