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Sunday, 16 November 2014

more tweets from Anita and the shirt that helped to land a miracle

It seems every day I think about what to blog about and every day now Anita sarkeesian hands me something on a plate her latest tweet :

"Gamer Gate is a monster the industry itself created by telling male gamers they’re the centre of the universe & catering to their every whim."

yea she said that. so gamer gate is something created by the industry its self ? I cant see it, call me stupid but I just cant see how the gaming industry created gamer gate considering gamer gate is  by their own definition:

A group against the corruption in the gaming industry, from developers to journalists.  

how the hell is this a group of male gamers being told they are at the centre of the universe? Ive read the posts by Gamer gate Ive listened to the live streams on you tube Ive looked though the tweeter pages and everyone linked to gamer gate, Ive googled it countless number of times, but yet I still cant see anything that relates to man power ! 

as for women in gamer gate well you've got queeny a you tuber that holds regular hang outs for the girls of gamer gate and of course not forgetting #notyourshield were gamers from all walks of life join in on the discussion 

 I'm really getting the impression  that Anita  is a massive, massive troll. either that or : 

I wonder whats next for  Anita sarkeesian ? perhaps she wont be happy until everyone is Asexual  and all looking like goobacks from south park. 

now time to tackle that shirt 

firstly I want to say its a damn shirt  GET OVER IT the man lands a probe on a moving comet possibly the greatest accomplishment of the 21st century and he gets it in the neck for wearing a shirt   with 'half dress girls'

 its sad to think that British scientist Dr Matt Taylor will be remembered not for a great achievement for man kind but wearing a  shirt that femnazis are pissed about. so the shirts a little unorthodox on this I have a question , who of us don't have a item of clothing that's a little different from the norm ? personally I have a ghost busters t shirt I ware to work! does anyone complain about it ? No ( I work in a office ) . and lets not forget the grandfather of science  Albert Einstein long hair and seen as quite unorthodox  But he gave birth the the theory of relativity so I say to the woman of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). give the guy a break hes not the first scientist to be a little different to push the boat out and I dare say he won't be the last 

So ill end on that note don't forget to tell me what you think below !  

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Sunday, 9 November 2014

The Last salute .... Death in Heaven - Doctor Who

Some of you might wonder why I've called tonight's blog the last salute well one word , one name the brigadier  yes the legend him self was back even in cyber man form he was there in soul. protecting what he hold's dear to him his daughter Kate and saving the doctors soul.

 even on a low note the doctor still strives to save the soul of the innocent by wanting to end Missy's life. and then an old friend comes in to play after doing what the brigadier did best the doctor surprised me with a simple action something the brigadier always wanted a simple salute

one simple action tied the hole episode together a sign of respect for an old friend, long live the brigadier. Now back to the episode, well what can I say ? BRILLIANT !!!  loved the falling out of aeroplane scene and  the doctor at the last minute calling for the Tardis !

this episode ends with the doctor Lying to save Clara's feelings and her doing the same to save his , with something important to say but just cant get it out , could the theory's be right ?  could Clara be expecting the joy of little feet? the episode before the last shows notes on a book case:

three months,   and Rupert pink the name tying in with the episode 'listen' we know that Danny and her did have some kind of future together will that still happen ? 

now I would rank peter Capaldi as one of the greats one of the unforgettable that this generations new Whovian's would class as their doctor BUT we still have the Christmas episode to come...

which leads me to ask one thing, will the doctor save Christmas? only time and the doctor can tell...

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