Wednesday, 31 December 2014

2015 a few hours to go!

With 2 and a half hours to go I want to take the time to take another look back at what 2014 gave and took from us and what the year meant to res1080p

1. We were one of the lucky ones and got to try battlefield hard line for the PC . First Impressions Are Good I Like The Game play BUT It Feels A Bit TOO Battlefield(y) I Feel They Should Have Changed The Overall Theme A Bit More, Other Than That It's Great Fun Although At First I felt Disconnected From The Game I Soon Got Into It And Gained Control Of the Character .

Its  worth checking out  more game play , more action and more fun! 

2. COMIC CON!!! yup the first time i went the first time it was in northern Ireland. It was by far one of the best days Ive had  meeting Robert Llewellyn ( from red dwarf ) and meeting Ian Mc Neice from doctor who
really made my day , also seeing all the classic game consoles as well :D it really did feel like heaven cant wait for next year ! 

3. this blog! 

yup the blog Ive said it before and ill say it again , i didn't think it would take off , but Ive been proven so wrong our reader count is jumping up each day and new people subbing to our you tube channel to ! so again on behalf of all at channel RES1080p THANKS ! thanks for reading and thanks for subbing to ! 
3. now for a few of  the great actors we have sadly lost this year 
Robin Williams , a child hood favourite of mine the legend was in most if not all my favourite films from flubber to toys he gave us laughs and tears and will be greatly missed.

Rik Mayall , from playing in the young ones to playing Rik in bottom all though my teenage and early 20's Rik always had me laughing even in drop dead Fred i couldn't help but crack a rib or two! yet another actor so sad to see go ,

well there we have it part 2 of the 2014 wrap up hope you enjoyed it and hope you stick with us through 2015 if you have or know of anything we should cover in 2015 please let us know !

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Sunday, 28 December 2014

Top gear - a country that needs to think twice -

So we have part 2 with more excitement busted ribs and a few rotten eggs thrown in  ( or should i say at the cars ) looking at the footage from part 2 it seems its more of  'race hate' than because of a simple number plate issue. the kids throwing stones  to be honest didn't look old enough to be a part of the war, the kind of kids that in the UK would have ASBO's before they're even out of primary school. 

If that happened in Northern Ireland there would of been water cannons, plastic bullets, and full on riot gear. To the president of Argentina ( Cristina Fernandez) I say this for shame , before you start rows with other nations and rolling over for Russia remember to take a look what the youth of your country are doing, OK the kids of Briton aren't saints granted, but at lest the police force would of done more rather then let so much damage happen. 

I really felt for James this time he seemed to get the bad end of the stick whether its having to camp in a tent or getting busted ribs falling of a horse and nothings worse then going over a bumpy road with a bad back ! hope it didn't take long for the ribs to heal


As for the episode its self well, the scenery was fantastic , the camera crews did a great job the mountains the snow all breath taking. Its such a shame it was trashed by such a nasty bunch of kids ( yes even the grown men acting like cave dwelling but plugs) the cars them selves looked great it would of been so epic to see them complete the journey , the mighty mustang the plucky little lotus and not forgetting the Porsche that  , lets face it turned out to be the most interesting of them all! from a non- car lover point of view I really did love this years Christmas episode , again its such a shame they had to cut it short due to cave dwelling but plugs. I really, really hope they do another one next year ! 

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Saturday, 27 December 2014

Top Gear - feel the love -

This year's Christmas top gear's episode was deemed to be the down fall of top gear with a Porsche, a lotus and a mustang  all v8s, the bloody number plate that made all of Argentina once again hate the UK well lets say this if this episode has your back up you must of really been watching the wrong one ! 

7 minutes in Clarkson states Argentina is a beautiful my god about 35% of the time he says how the country side is brilliant, then he explains why the Porsche is his car of choice. One horrid night he got a call from his mother telling him how his father was gravely ill in hospital. Taking some chicken out of the oven for his mum to eat thinking she probably hadn't gotten to eat anything all day, he jumped in the car he had to test that week a faithful Porsche 928 that got him there in plenty of time to say goodbye and the chicken was still warm!. Well i can see why he would choose that car, lets face it wouldn't you ?

Now back to something a little lighter , 
Hammond's mustang , the 5.8 lt v8 it seems to me that he most defiantly got the wrong car! never having power ( or any ) steering , needing fuel all the time and the driver by the middle of the episode having napoleon syndrome taking charge and leading the way, maybe Clarkson freaked him out to much driving around butch cassidy's house while Hammond was still lying in bed, think I'd be a little freaked out to. But it really wouldn't be top gear with out it. funny, thrilling and a little dangerous. Their on Clarkson route I couldn't help but get a sinking feeling that this the calm before the storm , yes they have had fights in part 1 Hammond's different route not really going down well for a start and the slight digs at Clarkson's electronic skills and Hammond being hung like a church mouse. But with this top gear has delivered on one thing it was great to watch we enjoyed it greatly. 

The slope-less bridge ! yup the old joke, they fix a bridge and swerved a international cock up the bridge was straight and NO slopes!

Part 2 does look great with desserts , dirt tracks, rivers and of course guys on bikes possibly looking for the Porsche' so don't forget to come back tomorrow to read our review on part 2 

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Thursday, 25 December 2014

the doctors last christmas

What can I say ? 

The doctor and Santa take on the Dream crabs , alien creatures that suck your brains out from the inside even with the reference to the alien film as well,  it was like Steven Moffet saw the clear story line rip of and noted it  I don't think the younger viewers may get but all the same a great episode. As I said in  a previous blog we'd have to wait to the Christmas episode before we can truly judge whether Peter Capaldi would suit as the doctor I'm glad to see hes found his feet. The charm and sarcasm has finally burst out with flames. The training wheels have come off and hes flying with style now ! 

As for the story line its self well as I said it felt like a clear rip of from the alien films, but the writing team have possibly out done them selves they've made a classic film in to something incredible just sad that they had to get the idea from something else. I did enjoy nick frosts part as the witty jolly Santa and Rudolf having his nose turned of with a key was shear genius. I did think from the point that the dream crabs came in that Santa is a dream as well but when the tangerine appeared at the end I'm glad to be proven wrong. 

And so we get on to  Clara staying not as an old lady but as her self young and running for the tardis hand in hand with the doctor, not after having the worst dream ever. Dreaming her dead boyfriend is back, how bad did that get ? the perfect dream , the perfect house but to find there's a alien sipping her brains out with a straw? only to awake in to a dream ? like i said the writers did a brilliant job loved it ! 

to wrap up I loved it , it had everything you expect from Who but with more spice and of course   


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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

2014 in a blog

As we come to the end of 2014 i take a look back at the big hitters both the sad and glad times ,

Firstly our blog ! yup in 2014 we started this blog and personally we want to thank each and every one of you for taking the time to read it . At first we didn't think it would take of thinking a blog is kind of old fashioned BUT we were so proved wrong and never been so happy to be so , since our first post in Oct we've gone non stop blogging about anything and everything we find interesting. So again thanks ! our you tube channel is growing more and more with new subs coming each day so if you've only read our blog make sure to check out our channel as well! 

not forgetting the website

OK so lets look at the next one
this year we saw peter capaldi  as the doctor and to be honest i was pleasantly surprised taking his other roles in to account i wasn't totally sure whether he would suit the role ,  as in his previous TV roles hes been quite well how to put it 'out spoken' might be the best way  but hes been able to pull it of with the charm the doctor always has, its great to see an older gentleman hold the keys to the tardis, he makes for a great serious, stern and curious all round great doctor and i cant wait to the Christmas episode


So what other big stories have hit the Internet head lines i have to address the you tube scandal of course I'm talking about the massive list of youtubers accused of rape / abuse from Sam pepper to Jason Sansome (VeeOneEye). its sickening to think of if this is true there has been no police arrests made so if this has been true i truly feel for the poor women and men that have not had their justice they need , and if this isn't true then i hope the reputations of the effected youtubers can be fixed. 

Before we go on a downer i think its best to move on to a happier story to something  from what I think is the feel good story of the year 3D-printed legs make disabled dog learn joy of running, every dog needs to be able to run and jump and for poor Derby that was only a dream. Thanks to the incredible work by the
team at  3D Systems this little dog could run so far ! its incredible to think how far science has come a few years ago the thought of 3d printing would of been a pipe dream but now its something that's real  and we can only dream of whats to come. 

Something else that's got our attention has got to be the slenderman hype a fictional horror character born on the
Something Awful forums just something created to scare the younger kids , prof of how something can grow out of control . Yea the games are great play them in the dark and your crapping your selves for nights on end. The game also gave us the slenderman killings 

On May 31, two 12-year-old girls in Waukesha, Wisconsin stabbed a third girl nearly to death. The girls, who called their plot “Stabby, stab, stab” said it was intended as a sacrifice to Slenderman. Authorities are trying the pair as adults pending a mental evaluation. The tragedy here is that all the girl’s lives are damaged now – even potentially ruined.
The girls believed Slendy would appear to them if they killed in his name. They also believed he had threatened them and their families and could read their minds. Children have always had fanciful flights of imagination. These claims sound much like the Salem witch hunts of the 1690s when young girls accused each other of riding with the devil. The resulting panics led to countless false confessions and over 20 executions. The same could probably happen here.
Then a few days later, around the anniversary of Slenderman’s creation, a teen in Cincinnati attacked her mother. The teen, who had a history of mental illness, was obsessed with the character. The lack of detail in this and the previous case points more towards mental illness than anything else. Slenderman, then, became the a focus for a mania that forced these girls to act out violently. so if anyone saying they believe in slendy basically RUN! 

Time for an other feel good story i think , 
Pakistani child education activist Malala Yousafzai and Kailash Satyarthi, an Indian child rights campaigner, have jointly won the Nobel Peace Prize. a young girl has beaten all odds and done the impossible proven to her country that she and girls like her has a right to an education. I believe she will be the one to watch in 2015 a strong woman that has defied all odds and is building a new world. 

So ill end it there these are the stories that have stayed with me all year. i know there's others but these ones are there the most. if you think there's more then let me know below ! 

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Monday, 22 December 2014

top ten christmas toys for 2014

Christmas is only around the corner ! , yup that jolly fat man is loading the sleigh, feeding the reindeer and  checking his list twice ! and with that time to check out the latest must have toys for 2014 

1. My Friend Cayla £75 at Hamleys (£53.34 at Tesco and Amazon)
My Friend Cayla is a doll you can ask questions and she’ll answer by looking up the answers on Wikipedia. 

yea it looks great , on the base's of a great Internet connection it could be a great toy for any young girl with questions like whats your favorite colour ?  and answers like ' i like pink everything i own is pink i have a pink bed room' isn't that great for young girls to hear ? surely with all the feminists screaming THAT'S SEXIST! and the Internet screaming back WHAT ABOUT THE GUYS ! ? you gotta ask is there going to be a evil talking boy doll as well ?, looking at you tube comments its kind of scary of some of the responses like : 

'Cayla, I found a long, pink, plastic thing, shaped like a banana in mummy's bedside table…. what is it? Oh, and will you be you my friend?'

yea that. think ill leave that there and move on to the next toy. 

 2. Kiddizoom Smart watch £50 at Hamleys (£29.99 at Amazon and Smyths)
This is a fancy watch for children that you can take pictures and videos with as well as play games. You can then upload them for editing. Oh, and it also tells the time. yea this one looks better much better BUT would you want to give something of high spec to a child ? after a quick review its hard to decide  over all the watch does look incredible but when you decide if your 4 year old i recon its best to see if your child could handle it first. Other wise you'd be dealing with 'oh i left it at school' or 'the strap broke' or worse its dropped in the cornflakes. 

3. Teskta T-Rex – Roarsome, Pawsome, AWESOME! £75 at Hamleys (£54.99 at Amazon and Smyths) there’s a good chance this one will be the top selling toy this year. this has got to be my red light this year it looks great with multifunction it does much much more then answer questions it walks talks eats and probable shits to ! if you want to get a toy for your little one this has to be it. 

4. DohVinci Style & Store Vanity £25 at Hamleys (£14.99 at Toys R Us)

This is a 3-D Play-Doh that dries hard. yup that's it . you can play with it, you and make stuff with it. kind of a play with once toy. not really what you want from Play-Doh. When your little one grabs the Doh you don't want them to come back an hour later saying its all dry and not working!  ,

plus with the applicator it can easily become blocked messy and to be totally honest it looks really really boring !  yea its OK for the creative kid But it looks like it will last about an hour

5. Leapfrog Leap TV £135 at Hamleys (£119.99 at Amazon and Smyths)
There’s a lot of talk about this being a big one for this year – at least according to the wonders of the web. It’s basically a slimmed down version of Wii for young kids. OK i don't know much about the leap frog stuff, i have heard good things about the products basically its a Wii for kids BUT isn't Wii marketed at kids as well anyway ?  its not like children these days don't know how to use it ? i get the impression that this is just a impulse buy from leap frog. 

6. Transformers Chomp and Stomp Grim lock £115 at Hamleys (£71.99 at Amazon and Smyths)
This is a massive, 51cm-tall dinosaur Transformers action figure. Its eyes light up and its mouth chomps. Obviously, boys are going to love it great for any dinosaur lover ! with Jurassic World around the corner its worth looking in to. Bit pricey at £79.99 but if you have a Dino loving kid they'll love you for it

7. Barbie Colour Change Bag £40 at Hamleys (£23 at Amazon and Tesco)
So this one got me, why would you want to buy a £40 plastic bag it changes colour to what ever your little princess is wearing, I'm pretty stumped on this and don't really know what to say on it. so ill let you make your own mind up. To be honest it would be like buying Barbie purely because she has a new hat . why?! 

8. Frozen: Ice Skating Doll £40 at Hamleys (£23.09 at Amazon)
Yup frozen its on the list. Kinda had to be we cant escape it everyone knows frozen and if you don't were have you been hiding ? its one if not the biggest thing to hit the world since the lion king, 
so the doll is basically ice skating, yea looks great for girls but the doll looks really flimsy like in a young child's hands it will break easy, there's no denying its great for any frozen fan but be careful it does look like it can break easy. 

9. Xeno – The Cheeky Interactive Baby Monster £100 (£79.99 at Smyths and Tesco)
this one looks GREAT ! messy squidgy and snotty Ive heard nothing but good things about it, its a furby on roids, the interactive toy that has loads to do , feed it burp it and make it fart play games with it cuddle it love it ! and yea it talks to ! defiantly worth looking in to it. 

only creepy thing i can find is the Scientology link.. Xeno could be a play on words Xenu ! ( i know a long shoot and a small link but hey
 couldn't help it ! Google the name Xenu its to long to go in to) the toy is great worth trying out. 

10. Boom Co Rapid Madness £65 (£36.99 at Amazon)
This is basically a Nerf gun, without actually being a Nerf gun and it looks incredible with stick darts and smart Stick targets ! i can understand why this is  out selling its rival Nerf its defiantly a better gun then Nerf by far , the best part is not losing your darts ! so for anyone that's a Nerf fan its worth buying. 

so there's the top ten , if ive missed anything out you think might of made it in the top ten then let me know below ! 

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Thursday, 18 December 2014

TMNT - one girl and her pet turtles

OK so its been out a while but to be honest Ive been not really wanting to watch it. Being a TMNT since the early years it felt wrong to see it rebooted and how right I was, the original story line shows the turtles mutated from Splinter not from a lab and they were the pets of a young boy not April that was the biggest part that got me , apart from shredder looking like hes taken roids! 

The turtles them selves look like some ones hit them all with a shovel to the face, not the lovable ass kicking from yesteryear but something that could give a kid nightmares , the films filled with action packed goodness to the max and that's something else I picked up on, I got the feeling it was packed to much and the references to the earlier years felt like they were placed in at the last minute only 5mins for pizza and only 2 cowabunga references ! really I felt let down by it all , Jonathan Liebesman has really sucked the soul out of the pizza eating teenage mutant ninja turtles, its like the TMNT have advanced with no merit or solid backing behind it they've thrown TMNT in to the next century with not enough power behind it. the hole film was lacking in spirit and soul. I will always remember the lovable ass kicking 4 like this 

Now for the other elephant in the room April O'Neil for one shes not a red head she's brown. and Megan fox I think she should stay away from the guys in green  and stick to the guys made of metal 
( transformers ) this is April red hair and yellow jump suit not someone that looks like every part of her has been tucked pulled and dyed no offence to Megan she was great in transformers but that's it, 

OK the film did have its moments but it didn't feel like TMNT it felt like something completely different , to wrap up it felt like the type of film you'd watch on a Sunday afternoon while telling your kids 'back in my day it was totally different'

When it comes to TMNT and other classic great films I cant help but remember the old saying

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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Assassin's Creed Victory

It seems like every few months we have a new assassin's creed game whether its rouge or unity or dead kings
 ( TBA ) its becoming pretty insane to keep up with them all. Ive been a follower of the AC series since number 1 but now its impossible to keep up with £50 + with the cost of each game and now we have the newest game in the series to appear next year. Assassin's Creed Victory, they haven't even worked the bugs out with unity and their attacking a new game set in London, yes the game looks insane as always they haven't failed to impress with their designing skills or mission tasks or the fact they have added a new weapon / tool a grappling hook.

But it sickens me to think scores of fans will be standing outside game early next year for a game that will be half finished , laggy and need something that could give NASA's PCs a run for their money, and if their not PC gamers having to still pay up to £50 + for the console game. The Internet found out about the game though that wonderful way of a leak Ubisoft has responded to the leak confirming the game's legitimacy:
It is always unfortunate when internal assets, not intended for public consumption, are leaked. And, while we certainly welcome anticipation for all of our upcoming titles, we're disappointed for our fans, and our development team, that this conceptual asset is now public. The team in our Quebec studio has been hard at work on the particular game in question for the past few years, and we're excited to officially unveil what the studio has been working on at a later date. In the meantime, our number one priority is enhancing the experience of Assassin's Creed Unity for players.

Are they mad ? forget working on new games they need to sort out the ones they've made !  to my knowledge the new patch for unity : 

Publisher Ubisoft has confirmed that the forth patch for Assassin's Creed: Unity on Xbox One may unintentionally require a 40GB download.
The forth patch is supposed to weigh 6.7GB, but some users are reporting that the update replaces the entire base game. "This is obviously not the expected behaviour, and we apologise that many of you will have to wait longer than expected to complete this download," Ubisoft wrote.

When I think of the poor sods developing the games I get the image of a factory with the poor guys chained to a desk developing from 9-5 churning out new games every few months, with problems their not even addressing from the previous games (think we all remember the blunder of AC 3 ) so I beg of the AC Dev's if your going to power through and make the new AC victory please please make sure its bug free! 

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Monday, 15 December 2014

Great ways to stay warm while gaming !

As the cold snap hits the UK its harder and harder to stay warm so here's a few tips we use to stay hot in the freezing cold

1. Laptops and their chargers 
So instead of placing them on a table don't be afraid to use them on your lap pretty simple idea i know but the power/ battery pack will get hot perfect for the cold nights.  also use the power brick on the charger to keep the feet warm ( yup it works tried and tested many many times ) 

2. monster PCs 

If your anything like us you'll have a monster PC hidden in the corner of the room the type that needs a massive heat sink to keep cool well in this cold weather you wont need to worries about that so much just turn it on and huddle around it singing the 12 days of Christmas. next is  usb drink warmers  these are something Ive  never really tried though Ive heard mixed things so its really buy at your own risk 

3. draft excluders 
 Sounds old fashioned but this does help if you don't have  one a towel / rug / old blanket will do the same thing.  make sure its at the front door and back door as well as the bedroom door as well. make sure as well when making your bed to tuck the blankets in all the way around the mattress ( sounds stupid but this will help ) then the mandatory extra blankets with hot water bottles. 

5.  spicy food hot or cold and cooked breakfasts
Bit of a no Brian-er  really curry at night and fry ups in the morning. this will make you feel full and warmer for longer. also ready to eat cooked spicy chicken is great for sandwiches and snacks, also  a good tip is a little chili source with the morning fried eggs sounds crazy but it will help keep you warm.

6. Pets 
If you have a cat or small dog let them sit on your lap in the evenings even if you put a blanket down first its like having a hot water bottle on your lap even if you have a 10 stone German Shepard their great for keeping the toes warm!  

well I hope these ideas help if you have any other ideas let me know ! 

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Thursday, 4 December 2014

pewdiepie on south park ?!

Yup its happened a youtubers crashed the south park party ! not really a cameo as south park stated but, its only part 1 so who knows ? maybe part two will have pewd's kicking cartman's ass lol. 

So the over all episode focus's on let play videos and how the youth of today are more interested in listening to some YouTuber comment on a video game rather then listening to a human in fount of their faces which is a fair point as each generation comes it seems the human contact aspect of life slips further away, with kids as young as 10 playing with  ipads rather than balls and Xbox's rather than bikes yea Santa still brings a shiny new bike at Christmas then it gets played with for a few weeks, then shoved in the garage to rust away until Santa brings a new one. 

a line in the episode ' the living room is dieing ' a statement that that has never been truer  strange that it comes from south park ! . I cant help but understand their point , sitting last night in a friends house I could see everyone using their devices not talking to each other one on a tablet one one a PC

its like the world as wrapped its self in virtual cotton wool to hide its self away the problem is not all the world is out to get us , yea there's bad guys out there so be careful, but remember the whole world isn't going to mug us the minute you walk out the door be brave and strong the world can be a pretty incredible place !.

a great man once said if technology surpasses the human race the world will have a generation of idiots well that's part true. The next generation or the 'net generation' are not quite idiots they understand maths ,computers English etc... but what about social intelligence ? do they understand the wright way to behave  ?  we learn at primary school how to interact with others, but now with the new phones laptops and game consoles at our finger tips people are more and more using these to talk to their friends that just live down the road its so sad to think this. 

on the subject of the episode yup it was great made me laugh when needed and puked when Lorde was on stage LOL ( not going to drop spoilers) 

so in end ill say this , kids put your devices down and talk to your family it might come as a shock to see them sitting there but guess what they've probably been there all day ! and parents get the kids to play with the greatest toy ever one you probably played with as a kid. Their imagination!

what do you think let me know below

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Friday, 28 November 2014

Black Friday Maddness !

Yup that time of year, black Friday is here with a bang and how do we know ? apart from the endless Internet adverts and TV , we were there we battled the crowds at tescos at midnight ! we got there about and hour before to allow enough time the only problem, it was crazy so packed speaking to a few different people some had been there from 8pm

utter madness, when we were there people were screaming punching ( yup res got a punch or two in the back and the chest) but we walked out of there triumphantly with a great deal 32 inch blaupunkt TV :D after walking out we chatted to a few other shoppers, a few tried to grab some things but got punched in the ribs possibly broken as well. 

not only that in the madness a lady was punched in the face with a broken nose yup she got punched for a TV. a bloody TV I'm all for grabbing a bargain but that's just insane another poor sod paid for his TV ( that's a 50 inch TV) and dropped it on the way out and yes it smashed  that poor sod.

here a quick video of some of the craziness that went down. 


For those that don't know what black Friday is :
The day After Thanksgiving (Friday) is known as Black Friday. This also is unofficially or officially start of holiday shopping season. Almost all stores come out with Door buster Sales with early bird special to attract consumers to their stores. People stand in line hours before store is opened, to grab the bargain of the year. Almost every store has something that interests every one. For bargain hunters, if there is a biggest festival in a year, that would be, no doubt, the Black Friday. 

So basically its a day where everyone go's totally nuts  best advise to anyone going to a black Friday sale ware extra padding, head to the shops hours before, park far enough that no one will see ( car jacking can happen )

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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Why do hackers hack?

There's been talk resonantly about the hackers from CS:GO this leads me to ask why did they ? 

For the edge up ? to test for weaknesses in the game ? to troll other players?  after searching you tube reading countless number of comments I see most do it because of temptation its there the chance to be better then your enemy with no effort. Its a pointless task that to be honest ruins the hole game for others now don't get me wrong there are some guys out there that manipulate the game for other reasons I can think of a few guys that change the rules of hacking totally, not for the 'leg up' but for the laughs Good Guy Jason comes to mind from dayz not a hacker for benefit but for making funny videos ( hes on you tube ). 

But then you get guys hacking for shear kicks. hacking has now become a million dollar business and the sad thing is its growing, with more and more top players being able to buy hacks and cheats for pence. the chance of playing at the top 'legitimately' is impossible with guys like KQLY and Gordon "Sf" Giry how can the little guys make it ?. When rust came out it was tagged as the next big game better then dayz and warz but play the game now and its packed with nothing but hackers. Its no longer about who can survive the longest but who has the better cheats its turned in to a complete mess with no sign of Gary or 'cheat punch' trying to improve it, they can say they are but lets face it the amount of hackers v's what they're doing doesn't really fill me with confidence me and res started playing rust when it was alpha stage and watched the game rise and crash so low. 
 some call the people that pay to cheat on games the steroid-users of video games the guys that cant get enough of winning to me id call them ass holes and aim bots all they do is troll others to get a kick out of giving hell to others. 

to end on a note hackers suck they trash some great games for others and not care on the out come , 

what do you think ? let me know  below 

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Sunday, 23 November 2014

#GamerGate Is It Dead?

So the Internet movement isn't dead and rightly so, no matter how much the main stream media tries to change it, twist it,  or kill it gamer gate is a idea and an idea cant be killed off , its a just worthy idea fighting for ,The first part, the respectable part, is a debate about the ties between makers of video games and the journalists who write about them. And yes, that relationship should be ethical, and not involve favours, money, sex, or cronyism.

and who can blame them ? wanting to know there's more honesty in the video game industry  knowing your spending your well earned money on what you want and getting what you paid for, for example last year I checked reviews on battlefield 4 from a few different you tubers, got it paid for it and hated it the you tubers retracted their option soon after stating it was rubbish. If there were more honesty between the guys reviewing the games and the game developers i wouldn't of wasted £50 for the limited addition pack. 

now the second part of gamer gate worries me the small amount of men that think girls shouldn't play video games at all,  the misogynist video-game players apparently angry about what they see as women and feminine values encroaching on their "space." these guys I run from , I don't want anything to do with them.
 some people might think this is quite a new thing well after looking in to this more I can tell you that its not, woman have always faced issues like this with gaming for years, after checking out the BBC news archive I see woman have been playing for years. and dealing with guys for years to. 

yea trolls say things to girl gamers like 
"Get back in the kitchen and take your goddamn hands off a video game controller."
"I hope your boyfriend beats you. Nah, you can't get a boyfriend."  

Guess what? guys get this to. A gamer wont worry whether your  black, white, African,  polish or Greek they don't care!   they will how ever use what they can as ammo so if your a girl they'll use that to try and piss you off or if your gay they will use that to its called smack talk it happens! 

so on this note I leave it at I hope gamer gate keeps going strong and doesn't stop!! 

Written By z0mbi3gam3r

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