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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Dear Fat people - Nicole Arbour-

Yea this thing, By now most of you should know about the Dear Fat video posted by the you tuber Nicole Arbour, were she basically fat shames the world saying how they smell of sausage and how they get treated better because they're bigger, basically shaming them because they made 'bad life choices' judging them by how they look and not what they are like. 

The entire internet has responded by screaming back at her telling her to STFU and GET THE FUCK OF THE INTERNET!!   from Drama alert to boogie2988 and for a few days it did look like she got the message 

 but no such luck if you search her on youtube shes still there.  and still being a royal bitch.

Nicole begins the six minute rant by saying ‘Fat shaming is not a thing. Fat people made that up. ‘That’s the race card with no race.’ She mimics: “Yeah, but I couldn’t fit into a store. That’s discrimination”. Uh no. That means you are too fat, and you should stop eating.’

she doesn't stop to think of something very, very important what if they have a health condition you cant see ? perhaps that family she saw at the airport have issues she could not see like mental health ?  if she really believes its OK to judge someone by how they look then she needs to take a long look in the mirror 

OK she does say that she’s not talking about people who have specific health conditions, but rather the ’35 per cent of North Americans who are obese’. But as I said what if the family at the airport may have health conditions!!! again she is judging with out thinking what a  silly cow .

The clip has now been viewed over 20 million times on Facebook and over one million on YouTube, despite the video-sharing site temporarily disabling the account on Saturday afternoon, before reinstating it.

    We literally broke the Internet… With comedy. #censorship

    — Nicole Arbour (@NicoleArbour) September 6, 2015

Nicole claimed she was being censored by people who don’t understand satire.

    Wow, I'm the first comedian in the history of @YouTube to be #censored There are graphic videos about murder and torture, but satire is

    — Nicole Arbour (@NicoleArbour) September 6, 2015

But, it seems, a lot of people didn’t get the joke.

Plus-size spokesperson Tess Holliday tweeted to say she refused to watch ‘clickbait’ like that.

    If you want to know what I think about a certain video going around: NOTHING. I refuse to watch clickbait like…

    — Tess Holliday! (@Tess_Holliday) September 6, 2015

She later added: ‘Fat shaming doesn’t save lives, it kills them.’

    Fat shaming doesn't save lives, it kills them.

    — Tess Holliday! (@Tess_Holliday) September 6, 2015

so lets break this down she has said fat shaming is not a real thing that 'fat' people made it up the whole thing but quoted from her video ....

‘If we offend you so much that that you lose weight, I’m okay with that,’ she argues. ‘You are killing yourself.’ She also goes on to mock body positive hashtags on social media, saying:’If you really think enough of you hashtag something bad for you, it makes it okay?’

does that not qualify  as  fat shaming its self ?! in-fact her entire video is fat shaming !! 

before I write pages and pages about this video ill stop there. 

I will say one more thing , no matter what size you are , or what ever hair colour you have  you are perfect the way you are !! dont care what others think, you are great the way you are ! don't listen to the haters you need to 'own it' be confident in who you are ! 

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Sunday, 16 November 2014

bayonetta a sex symbol driven by men Or a powerful woman?

Theres been lots of talk lately about the great fem fetal bayonetta, 

 some saying that she is the complete male dream others saying she is the empowerment of woman after playing bayonetta 1 I can only say ITS JUST A GAME!! OK looking at the facts she is a strong powerful woman that could kick a man to death, with a swift kick to the balls

and yes she is quite sexy there's no denying it but who really cares? lets face it a strong female character that both sells to male and females I wonder were we have seen that before? 

so its an old story sex sells. from Lara Croft to  bayonetta. its something that happens, playing to gamers needs and desires weather its a man or woman playing its still playing to the needs of the audience  as for other female game characters there's a massive list

the not so sexy but animated Amy rose from sonic the hedgehog
or there's:

  • Samus Aran in Metroid. ...
  • Chun-Li in Street Fighter. ...
  • Cammy in Street Fighter. ...
  • Lara Croft in Tomb Raider. ...
  • Jill Valentine in Resident Evil. ...
  • Claire Redfield in Resident Evil. ...
  • Meryl Silverburgh in Metal Gear Solid. ...
  • Princess Zelda in The Legend of Zelda.

 the point I'm making is there is woman characters in video games and strong ones to , and yes some are out right sexulised like bayonetta, but others are there to kick ass like Anna from tekken perhaps? or Nina? sure still a sexy female character but powerful and strong which takes me back to of course Bayonetta a strong powerful sexy woman that makes one hell of a game.

Ill leave it on that note , what do you think ? are the female characters in video games nothing but a dream driven by men ? Or portrayed as a strong fem fatal figure?

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Sunday, 2 November 2014

fast and furious 7 the trailer!

Being a massive, massive fast and furious fan I was over the moon to find out....

ITS FINALLY HERE!!! after what feels like years of waiting , its finally here!! and it looks incredible! with Dwayne Johnson ,Jason Statham ,Paul Walker ,Lucas Black ,Vin Diesel ,Michelle Rodriguez and Tyrese Gibson the line up looks SO good! April the 3rd 2015 really cant come quick enough !!

After watching the interview with some of the crew you can tell they all love and miss Paul Walker , and who can blame them ?

 I can see how  fast and furious 7 will become the tribute to the late , great Paul Walker and its looking to be an outstanding one I cant wait for it , how about you ? let me know what you think below...

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Thursday, 30 October 2014

The feminist's fight back!

So there's been more feminist videos cropping up on YouTube , from young girls dropping the F bomb 

to 10 hours of walking in NYC as a woman to loads more , whether its girls playing as the victim or girls actually becoming a victim. you've gotta ask what the outcome is going to be ? now I'm all for equal rights in women and men, boys and girls but to be honest it looks like the  feminist's are pushing it to far. Will they end up destroying the rights of everyone on the Internet ? pushing for a more wide web police? what they tend to forget is its the Internet there's going to be fights! feelings are going to get hurt, god the Internet is basically like a school play ground one group slating the other, one running to teacher screaming they've been bullied. In the 10 hours of walking in NYC as a woman i couldn't help but notice most if not all of the guys 'harassing' the girl were black, so what does that say ? that these particular  feminist's are raciest ? only showing black guys harassing the girl. Surely there's got to be white guys there as well, and something else i wondered about if she in deed walked for 10 hours why is it only around 2 Min's long? from a outside point of view it seems they only picked what they think is the worse.

If they're going to scream sexism they've gotta remember it works both ways  a woman cant say a guy is being sexist if she her self has said things like 'dumb useless man' ( trying to be polite here )  you can really understand why  feminist's and the word  feminism are quickly becoming quite the taboo on the Internet 

now as for the term gamer , from what I understand there's a group of  feminist's wanting to get rid of the term gamer I cant fathom why, surely the gamer term or label can represent all male, female black, white, gay or straight its a term that covers all so why change it ? if it does change i will still think of  my self a a true gamer always using the label as a gamer and proud to do so , Ive never  gave a fellow gamer a hard time for being different from me and why ? simply because when your online, gaming your on the same playing field as everyone else who cares if your a woman or man ? as long as your not a troll or hacker that's the main point. 

as for the women that scream OH HELP ME INTERNETS I'M GETTING HARASSED !  when in actual fact its more like ......

maybe stop playing the victim and play the game ? show that girls are not whiny little children that scream every time there beaten, more guy gamers will welcome girls, you cry that all guys are the same in game blah blah blah maybe just maybe crying sexism just makes the fire worse? 

now to comment on the girls dropping the 'F bomb' you can see what they're trying to do, make aware of the situation that woman need the same rights as men , yea they have a point equal right for all!, they could of done it so much better though. having young girls and a boy dress us like little princesses saying fuck and rape every two seconds to be honest wont get the point across to the crowd  they really need to take a page out of Emma Watson book, as a role model for the youth of tomorrow i believe she is right on the button, understanding that both sides need equality and understanding.

well ill leave it there , let me know what you think below we'd love to hear your comments :D 

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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Sam Pepper's Back!

Yep hes back , the guy everyone said is a rapist is back Posting a  video 3 days ago stating :

sorry it took me so long to make a new video, I've been trying to think up new ideas!

For this video went out dressed as a homeless guy to see if anyone would give me a quarter, further down the road i had a friend wait at a meter and ask the same guy for a quarter, even though this girl had nice clothes, a car and clearly money the man decided to give her a help over a homeless person.....

OK hes you tuber trying to make a living and needing to make new content  , new videos for profit , blah blah blah to be honest as hes come back surely he should answer the  questions put to him first, the allegations made by other you tubers , and surely if there was police reports those as well, 

To be honest there needs to be something put in place by YouTube to suspend his channel until he is proven either innocent or guilty as it stands it looks like hes trying to brush this under the carpet with you tube not really stating much on either way ,  I would love to hear if they do have an official response for this, it would seem fair to suspend his account until the police have done a full report in to this , having him here on you tube doesn't give a great impression to the younger viewers and other youtubers, basically showing its ok if you get reported for this and there's no formal report in to it as you can still  make videos  carry on being world famous and no one will batter an eye lid. now im not saying yea he did it lets not forget its still the internet im just saying if he did surely the police need to look in to it more, he would need to be kicked from youtube so he can no longer influence the younger minds 

the video he posted showed him dressing as a homeless guy asking for money , its a neat idea good test to see just how nice people are, to be honest it looks like hes put the video up to make people feel bad for him , bit of a sneaky trick. How can you hate a video that brings to light a issue like this ? but how could you like it if he was guilty ? that's the big question.

with comments basically loving Sam pepper and people  wanting to lick his boots I really do shudder for the  youth of today. with the amount of evidence against him I have ask why is he not addressing this ? why try and run?  you'd think a innocent man would scream from the roof tops ! but no hes basically ignoring it.

Bit of a short note today but thanks for reading :) and as always Id love to hear what you have to say.

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Thursday, 9 October 2014

Pewdiepie's Own Youtube Network? - Network Pewd's

Pewdiepie is thinking of leaving current network "maker" and making his own YouTube network! 
 This due to his current network "maker" (Now owned by Disney) Not being up to scratch, Offering too little and being managed in an incredibly poor way.(His words)
So is the YouTube community going to get 31 million new Youtubers? Is the bro army going to completely take over ? ?
 Now before any of the bro army gets their knickers in a massive twist and have their period early understand this, I do enjoy Pewdiepie's video's & his work for charity is great as well. The only thing I can't stand is the Bro Army's bully boy tactics to get everyone to love him , Before too long i can see the church of the Bros happening ! I don't think I've seen one video of Pewdiepie's where if someone Say's nope don't like it, Everyone else basically treats that one person like dirt. Whatever happened to free speech? 

As for Pewdiepie's possibly new network I might take a look.
Has the bro army gone to far ? Should Pewdiepie leave maker and make his own ? He told the Wall Street Journal that he grossed over $4 million in 2013. Surely he could afford to set up his own network the question is should he and does Pewd's have the patience to do so ?

One question  I have to ask myself is a simple one , Yeah Pewds does have a  lot of followers, But are most of his Bro Army there for the ride ? Subbing him as it's the in thing to do ?  Again to the Bro Army, I do enjoy his videos , So please don't bite my head off when I say this. I can't help but think Pewds is just a long time fad waiting to burn out. If so who would be the new king or queen of YouTube ? 
 It's a crown that I don't think a lot of Youtubers would want to bear , I can imagine its lonely and scary at the top.

On a lighter note tomorrow I'll be reviewing the latest agents of shield episode and doctor who! 
let us know what you think below we'd love to hear from you.

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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Depth Game A Must For Christmas?

Depth "A multiplayer game set in a dark aquatic world" Where you can play as either a shark or a diver in an exciting battle for underwater dominance.

As a shark your goal is to use your killer instincts to stalk and hunt out your prey.. the divers and under water creatures that enable power ups of sorts. You must use your speed and and razor sharp jaws to rip apart your foes!

As a diver you must explore the under water world and it's mystery's to seek out treasure in order to purchase upgraded equipment to try and defend yourself against the terror-some shark threat, there are many weapons to arm yourself with ranging from high powered spear guns to explosive sea mines!

With it's beautiful graphics dynamic yet challenging game play depth offers a truly fun and engaging game play experience with Extremely satisfying take-down feel as you tear apart divers or send spears into raging sharks.

In summery Depth offers everything you could want of a shark vs diver game! plenty of fun plenty of kills/ways to kill and strong multiplayer gaming experience.
Definitely worth a look!


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Welcome To Our Blog & Youtube Network Scam?

So after 1 year on YouTube , hitting over 1500 subs here we are now blogging about all we love , Gaming, Sci-fi and comic con! not forgetting cars, Top Gear and generally anything else we find awesome , We hope in this blog to bring you all the best from our YouTube channel and much much more with weekly blogs if not more. We hope you enjoy reading as much as we enjoy writing.

So news to date ,
Yes we've hit the magic 1500 subs and today we realised we're now big enough to get spam mail on YouTube from wanna be YouTube networks! YAY lol! To anyone that gets this, Chances are its a spamy scam :

UstaMedia has sent you a message
You can reply to this message by visiting your messages.


You've got a very nice channel and we love what you are doing with it. Your channel is now eligible to join YouTube Partner Program, because you are focused on great videos we'd like to invite you to apply for a partnership with our fast growing YouTube network Freedom!

No lock-in forever contract!
Come or go anytime! Whenever you want!
We enable revenue visibility in your YouTube channel and nothing is hidden!

Revenue share
You start at 60% of YouTube's 100% and can grow (i.e. it is not 60% of 80% or some other silliness).
No minimum payout
If you earn $1, we pay you $1!

You own your channel and content, and we are your technology partner!

Content ID
We can find all copies of your original content anywhere on YouTube and monetize or takedown the matches (if you are a musician, this means we can monetize all copies of your music anywhere on YouTube!)

Audio only
We have two CMS's, one for music and one for non-music. The music CMS lets us match just the audio in a video and we can claim very specific rights for your music across YouTube!
Record labels
Many record labels signed with us, and we negotiated access to professional music for you!
No withholding tax
You earn 100% of everything you make. There are no tax forms to fill out from Freedom!, and no withholding tax. Simple.


So what do you actually earn then per 1,000 views? We don't place a set $2 or $3 cap on your earnings the way other networks do. Many of our partners have earned over a $10 RPM from their videos.
Payments are issued at the end of each month on a 2 month delay. This means that all of your earnings from January will be sent to you via PayPal by the end of March, February earnings sent in April, etc. You will always be e-mailed a full report that shows you your earnings before the payment is sent out so you know exactly what expect in your account by the end of each month.

Best regards,
Skype: UstaNetwork

Registration form:
How to Monetize/claim your videos:

How wonderful being able to keep 100% of your earnings , Got to be a scam we've already been partnered with Full Screen for around a year now and happy to be there so why move? why take the chance on a scam? 

Well we're not , If there is anyone partnered with this company let us know if it is a scam we'd love to know ! 

Following the news about Sam Pepper - The YouTuber currently facing the chop.     Well there's not much to say , Yes the girls do have a valid point he is a complete arse towards girls , and yes there is loads of evidence showing that , From rape claims to basically bulling for pictures of under age girls. We have to remember though we are not the police we cant judge we aren't the police its down to them , I'm not saying he is Innocent far from it, On a personal view it does seem that the evidence is against him is mounting up.  His whole excuse of it being  social experiment seems very hollow , What ever the out come its down to the police at the end of the day.

On a lighter note we'd love to hear what you'd like to see on the blog from review's on doctor who to gaming to of course top gear !

Thanks for reading and let us know what you think!

If your Interested in our YouTube channel you should check it out here :

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