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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Cheap meals for the unemployed/skint! Or students!

Are you skint ? No money ? unemployed? well we've asked our friend the concerned gamer to help us out with a few cheap meal ideas and here is the first one ....

meal idea 1       spicy beans on toast!                                             


Tesco value beans  cost : 24p
Tesco value bread cost  : 45p
Tesco Mild Chili Powder cost : 50p  
Loose Brown Onions cost: 16p

OK pretty simple for the first one 

toast the bread 
cook beans in saucepan on a low heat 
while the beans are cooking add a pinch of chili ( or how ever hot you like it )
chop 1 onion in to half use 1 half and chop again in to smaller bits ! then add to beans 

pour on to toast and eat ! 

total cost of meal : £1.35  and you can use the bread for other meals to! 

meal idea 2 egg fried bread!

Tesco value bread cost  : 45p  ( use the bread form the first meal if you still got it saves the pennies ) 
 Tesco Everyday Value Eggs Minimum Weight Box Of 6 cost: 89p 
Tesco Everyday Value Table Salt 1Kg cost : 25p
Tesco Everyday Value Tomato Ketchup cost:  55p ( if wanted to add to taste )


preheat a frying pan on a low heat with a little oil
OK beat 2 eggs in a  bowl , adding a pinch of salt add more eggs if you want more egg fried bread!
then cut the bread in to halves 
dip the bread in to the egg mix making sure all is covered 
place the now covered bread in to the frying pan until golden brown then turn until the other is brown to 
repeat this with the bread until all the egg mix is gone

then place on a plate add tomato ketchup if desired and enjoy! 

total cost of meal :  £2.14 

remember with is idea you may still have bread left over from the last idea and you may not add the
Tomato Ketchup so on that the meal may only cost £1.14

and last but not lest my favorite the pudding  ice cream floaters !


Tesco Everyday Value Soft Scoop Vanilla Ice Cream cost : 89p

Tesco Everyday Value Sugar Free Cola 2 Litre Bottle cost : 17p


grab a pint glass fill 3/4 of the way with the cola     

add ice cream in one table spoon full at a time ( it will froth up don't worry ) 

grab a straw and a spoon then enjoy!

total cost of meal : £1.06

hope you found these useful comment below and let me know ! ill be adding more next week! 

if you cant get these ingredients at tescos or there's no tescos near you try your local smart price range at your local super market

written by the concerned gamer

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