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Thursday, 26 March 2015

Sarkeesian (yes her again)

I've just looked at the 'Feminist Frequency' Face book page and threw up a little. Why is that you ask ? 
well ill show you 

how dare she !! for someone that hates violence she really sticks by her guns. the four ladies in the picture are river song (doctor who ) Buffy ( the vampire slayer ) Xena ( the warrior princess ) Katara ( from Avatar the Last Air bender) so whats her game ? is she saying these 4 strong female characters are feminist's ? its a bit sickening to say the lest. Yes there all ass kicking woman that lets face it you wouldn't want to meet or piss off but that's the thing, they are violent. surely she See's that its a bad move ?. You cant hate men for portraying violent characters and praise the woman that do. one rule for one and a different for another isn't right or fair!.

Sarkeesian is on a power trip now its clear  she may of had 'good intentions' at the start but shes slowly getting more and more power hungry we've already seen her take on the gaming world whats next? the whole Internet ? will she have men asking permission to take a dump ?!?! she is someone that scares the crap out of me. shes seen the amount of hipster followers shes now got and doesn't want to stop the amount of woman blindly following her and the men nipping at the women's heels trying to make nice thinking 'yea I buy in to this feminist bull crap I'll be able to bag my self a hipster follower' surely in Sarkeesian's eyes this is bad? if she hates men so much she See's this !?.

now some of the more regular readers of this blog will remember sometimes there is a Girl gamer that has written for us before , ( the concerned gamer ) and that's me all this is from a girls point of view and proudly so.

Written By 

The Concerned Girl Gamer.

Friday, 21 November 2014

the legend of zelda a sexist classist racist game ? from the concerned gamer

So the army of feminazis have been at it again this time attacking a much loved childhood game Zelda the plucky hero with the magical ocarina. 

apparently Zelda is nothing but a sexist, classist , racist   game again I find my self screaming at the screen every time I read something like this, Zelda was one if the first games I played on the Original  nes and loved it did I care that I had to play the male hero saving the day? nope loved it. 

link is also being accused of being classist , HOW just HOW ! ? he starts the very first game with a wooden sword! ( this was back in 1987 so most of the fembitchies weren't even born!)  he doesn't  even have a job! hes just happy enough to go on adventures saving the day hes a poor plucky hero saving the day 

as for the army of fembitches slowly attacking each of our beloved games whats next? perhaps they'd like to start on Mickey Mouse: Adventures in Wonderland? Zelda is wonderful game great for anyone any age , any race. the army of feminazi's forget that Zelda is the childhood friend most gamers can relate. to looking on face book I can see the hate from this 


so ill finish on this note the feminazis don't talk for me i have my own brain , and I love Zelda!

Written By the Concerned Gamer

Saturday, 15 November 2014

The Feminist Frequency at it again!

So shes done it again stating that There's no such thing as sexism against men. that's because sexism is prejudice + power .men are the dominant gender with power in society:

seriously Anita I mean really ? men face sexism all the time ! if you don't open your eyes and take a look around soon your going to lose what little grip you have on reality. 

I  think shes forgetting one of the most powerful women in our time lady Margaret thatcher a strong woman that ran the UK for about 10 years. many young girls look up to her and respect her as do many others and why ? because she was a strong woman that got the job done. you could love her or hate her but cant forget how she got it done. 

now to break down her latest tweet first part : Theres no such thing as sexism against men 
well there is ,
Social/Legal discrimination 
1) Harsher punishments for the same crime.
2) Unfair family courts - not getting custody for the child.
3) Male victims of DV not taken seriously.
4) Male victims of rape not taken seriously.
5) No special laws like VAWA to protect men, even though men are the majority of victims of violent crime.
6) For the same crime, irrespective of the gender of the offender - perpetrator gets more punishment if the victim is female rather than male. This shows the life of men is valued less than women.
7) Men can be conscripted into the army anytime. They cannot even vote without enrolling for the draft.
8) Violence against men by women is socially acceptable, celebrated in the media. Reverse is not true.
9) No/Very few shelters for male victims of DV.
10) No reservations for men in jobs, colleges, etc.. (Affirmative action for women)
11) Men stereotyped by society as being violent, abusers, etc.
12) Young men have to pay higher car/road insurance.
13) Young men in Singapore have to compulsorily serve 2 years in the army on turning 18.
14) Male infant circumcision/genital mutilation is legal and performed widely and even completely socially accepted.
15) Males enrolled in are often given tougher, more dangerous tasks to perform than women in the same post (in a job)
16) Males are expected to carry heavy things for women, give up their seats for women, shovel snow, mow gardens and do any other job involving back-breaking manual labour, that women do not wish to perform.
17) Males are expected to not show emotion and remain stoic, under any circumstance.
18) Males who complain about being objectified are shamed as being “mentally fragile” or their sexuality is questioned.
19) In the army, or any other position men have to meet much higher physical standards than women (disproportionately higher number of push ups, pull ups, etc..)
20) Many countries do not even recognise female on male rape. It can maximally only amount to “sexual assault”
21) Male children are often given harsher punishments by teachers for the same level of mischief as girls.
22) Men are expected to ask women out, pay for dates, decide on the venue – basically it’s the man’s job to impress the woman, and not vice versa.
23) Men have no reproductive choices. The only choice men have is to use a condom (which can fail up to 3-5% of the times) or not have intercourse. Whereas women in addition to a host of contraceptives, also have the choice of abortion.
24) Men’s lives are given less value in any situation. In any emergency, always women are rescued first.
25) When a man slaps a woman, he is an abuser and a monster, When a woman slaps a man, “he must have done something to annoy her”
26) Victim blaming is acceptable ONLY when men are the victims and women the perpetrator.
27) When a man breaks up with a woman, he is called a “jerk”. When a woman dumps a man, “he must have failed her somehow”
28) Males do not have the privilege of showing affection to each other in public, people start questioning their sexuality. This doesn’t apply to women. 

how about the Fathers4justice campaign  ?  those poor fathers are an example of how fathers are treated differently in the courts surely this could be seen as sexism? would you like more examples? 

again Anita take your head out of your but hole and take a long look at your self. 

 and now for the second part of her tweet : that's because sexism is prejudice + power .men are the dominant gender with power in society 

again I remind you of lady Margaret thatcher and to take a look at other women of power, Michelle Obama , Angela Merkel , Beyonce Knowles and not forgetting  the first female video game designer Carol Shaw.

for those not sure on  who she is : breaking the ice for other women in the video game industry. Shaw began as an Atari employee, designing and programing 3-D Tic-Tac-Toe (1979) for the Atari 2600.[76] Shaw later joined Activision where she designed Happy Trails for the Intellivision and River Raid for the Atari 800 and Atari 5200 for which she is most widely known. Additionally, she designed an unreleased Polo game in 1978 and worked on the game Super Breakout.[77] Now retired, Shaw lives in California with her husband, Ralph Merkle.[78]
Shaw is credited on the following games:

  • 3-D Tic-Tac-Toe (1979), Atari, Inc.
  • Video Checkers (1980), Atari, Inc.
  • River Raid (1982), Activision, Inc.
  • Happy Trails (1983), Activision, Inc.
  • River Raid II (1988), Activision Publishing, Inc.
  • Intellivision Rocks (2001), Intellivision Productions Inc.
  • Polo (2002)
  • Activision Anthology (2002), Activision Publishing, Inc.
So Anita I ask this , have you even done any research ? to find this information it took me around 30 Min's ( I stopped half way for a cuppa)

Ill end on this note , there is sexism towards men they are portrayed as strong bread winning champions unable o doing anything else. I really hope Anita will some day see this. 

and as for her view on women in general : both me and Res and the concerned gamer get the impression that she hates women, and thinks shes saving a generation. well your not Anita far from it. thinking she is talking for all woman, well again your not Anita  far from it. Women are not thick they can make their own minds up. the only sexism we see here is coming from you against men. 

Written by Res1080p ,z0mbi3gam3r and The Concerned Gamer.

Friday, 14 November 2014

Daniel O'Reilly hitting ctrl Alt delete on Dapper laughs

So it looks like Daniel O'Reilly is deleting all record of dapper of the Internet, what good will it do ? the jokes have been made the videos are online there's no going back. His social media pages have not been active since the fabled news night interview

to be honest hes trying to be the scared little bunny rabbit in the head lights of a fast moving car, OK hes said 'sorry' and 'it shouldn't of gone that far' Blah blah blah , Ive said it before and ill say it again If this was just a character were did the idea come from ? the things he says and the way this 'character' acts makes me believe he was the  boy in school every girl rejected, so how does he respond? by saying things like she’s "gagging for a rape". and 

how pathetic can you get ?  most people are feeling sorry for the guy people like Katie Hopkins, ( I'm not even going to touch that with a pole, she disgusts me more then dapper) 

So this was all a character he made up. making fun of the homeless making out right ' rape' jokes on woman.  So and hes apologised , now what ? from what I can see Daniel O'Reilly is just a one trick wonder. If he is a comedian wheres hes other jokes about other stuff?? from what I can see he is just a out right sexiest bloke who probably  uses more make up then Jordon, guys like this make me ashamed to be a man. 

and now it looks like hes used the Goggle trick of decision on the right to be forgotten, guess what Daniel  that wont work when somethings put on line it stays there :


aren't cached  Page's wonderful?


So ill leave it on that note let me know what you think below should Daniel O Reilly be forgiven ? or should Dapper be killed of ?

Written By z0mbi3gam3r

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Dapper Laughs - NEW YOUTUBER RAPE - yup the internet scares me !

So Youtube is once again about to hit a massive storm , 

after watching Philip De Franco I see that yet another youtuber has been accused of rape. There's not much I can say its starting to seem that being a You tuber could become taboo. Ive been part of the youtube community for about a year now and since the hole Sam pepper story exploded I don't  feel comfortable telling people I have a channel , purely as telling one person replied 'oh isn't Sam pepper on there? ' 

yea great , so now I tend not to tell anyone. so as for the you tuber accused of rape today ? Craig Dillon I'm

not going to go in to details on this as I'm not to clued on the details or allegations made Craig did respond with this on twitter. It scares me to think that rather going to the police, they'd rather make a youtube video about it, Ive got to ask WHY? if this is true has the world gone up side down!? if the allegations are true once again I find my self saying only the police can judge not the youtube community I can see one day there having to be a full time Internet nanny from every town trolling around looking for 'rape allegation' videos has the world come to a point were instead of human contact asking for help when needed going on line and asking there instead!?!? call me old fashioned but id rather talk to a human being

Dapper Laughs
So this guy yea, a  controversial 'comedian' ( if you can call him that?)  that plays a character has come under the fire for the jokes and attitude he has. Frankly I cant blame the guys holding the gun , as after watching dapper youtube videos and vine, to be honest I felt uncomfortable 'oh but its all jokes' some people can say that yea , but this is not giving the right representation to the younger lads. telling them things like :

“Girls have periods. I call that ‘blow job week’. What you need to do is get four girlfriends – then it’s four weeks of blowies.”

such a wonderful role model for the younger gents. so if this is just a character were did the idea come from? something had to of sparked this idea and as a guy this makes me feel sick.

As itv have now dropped him like hot coal Ive gotta ask what  made them think this would be a good idea?? this guy has had in the past women commenting that he's being sexist. WHAT THE HELL ITV!?  do research first ? it helps.

After all the shit storm that's hit from Sam pepper to #gamergate and now the Dapper saga the Internets becoming a place you'll need your parents permission to use, from rape allegations to rape threats. gamer gate is still going strong which I'm glad for as said before I support gamer gate to end the corruption between game Dev's and game reviewers, I believe anyone accused of rape should go though a fair trail by the courts and jokes on rape and women being worth less then men are pure filth. Ill end on this note the Internet scares me all i can say is 


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