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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Chris Evans to lead new Top Gear

After many, many months the ginger winger, the vile Chris Evans has been confirmed to host the new top gear even after stating he would not take the job, it looks like he bit the hand of the beeb to get the job , utterly pathetic,  you may remember On TFI Friday he said to Clarkson "he officially ruled himself out of the running." and now hes making him self comfy in the mighty Clarkson throne some how I don't see him filling Clarkson's shoes  not one bit.

The TV presenter - who brought back his cult chat show TFI Friday for a one-off revival tonight - was joined by Jeremy Clarkson for a masterclass in hosting the BBC Two motoring show.

But it didn't go well, for after Jeremy gave Chris a few pointers, he added: "You're not going to get my old job."

"Don't want it," shot back Chris. "I ruled myself out!"
Only Clarkson's trademark wit erupted then, with him deadpanning: "You haven't been asked."

it seems Chris Evans is gunning for the top though and its usually when at the top the worms come out to play lets hope there deep in the ground other wise it could surely kill the BBC off once and for all.

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Thursday, 26 March 2015

Jeremy Clarkson: Return not ruled out

So, today its a different story according to the BBC Clarkson may return. Its getting silly now , either hes here or not ! its like there keeping him on stand by in-case the new top gear host doesn't play out well. Alan Yentob (BBC creative director) said  "it would be a disappointment if the other presenters quit, but the program might still continue". Well I can see it failing totally, there's no top gear with out the 3 musketeers doing what they do best OK, you could have different guys presenting one of the BBC best shows but i can see it smacking of effort.


the director said   " its perfectly natural" for the presenters to have reservations about continuing on the BBC Two show: "They are a team - they have worked together for a very long time, they are all very attached.i for one hope they stick together and keep the one for all and all for one idea that they have stuck by for so long.

"The question of what happens next for Top Gear is a conversation which must go on between the controller of BBC Two Kim Shillinglaw, between Andy Wilman the producer of Top Gear, and the team."


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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Clarkson Gone?!?!?!

Yes its happened the day all petrol heads were dreading. Clarkson has been officially sacked from the BBC  Self important arrogant buffoon with the level of self loving that could put any pig to shame BUT he was our
Self important arrogant buffoon!! he speaks his mind and knows what he wants, he made a mistake yes he punched someone but is that a reason to sack him ? surely a better idea would be to suspend with out pay ? or to fine him? or even community service  does the BBC not realise that to break up the three  top gear   musketeers will practically kill the BBC all to gather? 

and all i can say is what utter cocks the BBC are. They have truly crossed the line , yes Clarkson is a Self important arrogant buffoon BUT hes our Self important arrogant buffoon!!

A Tweet from Richard Hammond "Gutted at such a sad end to an era. We're all three of us idiots in our different ways but it's been an incredible ride together."

which i think stays it all. These 3 brothers in Arms have taken us to so many different places India the North Pole,  America , north America, Mexico  Vietnam the list could go on and on, they've had so many adventures together its been unreal. for one I don't think the punishment has fit the crime it  seems that they are making an example of the big guy. while James may is currently lost with out top gear whats next for him ? more toy stories ? more man lab ? who knows? i truly hope the BBC see the error of their foolish ways and reinstate the greatest talent they've ever had! 

so ill end on this note if this is the end of top gear i want to say from channel res1080p thanks for the great laughs and the great memories  

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Tuesday, 10 March 2015


It is a dark day for us all Clarkson has been suspended from work , and top gear has been canceled and we don't know why the BBC has reported its because Clarkson had a fracas with a beeb producer. according to the BBC no other presenter has been suspended. but yet they punish the top gear fans with taking the show of the air how pathetic. 

YES Clarkson is loud, brutish and very stand off - ish but that's why we like him, hes different, from a generation that will speak their mind and get what they want , I  ask whats wrong with that ? the guy knows what he wants and go's for it ! we could all do with having more Clarkson in us! so I ask the beeb look at what you've done. you have taken of the air  a show that was one of your biggest flagship corners and you wont even tell us the full story ! there's a rumor that he had the 'Fracas' with a woman producer

If it was for having a Fracas with a woman producer what happened to being equal ? if Clarkson had a Fracas with a male producer ? 

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Sunday, 12 October 2014

Top Gear In Trouble? - Argentina

As many TG fans will know the boys were filming in Argentina for the Top Gear 2hour special that's to be aired at Christmas, They have caused a stir with a .... numberplate.... of all things a bloody numberplate “H982 FKL” 82 supposedly relating to the year and FKL relating to the Falkland's.

 Now people went bat shit crazy over this plate in Argentina absolute craziness and uncalled for behaviour, now I understand that lots of lives were lost on both sides and they are to be respected I also realise people are still mourning but for a number plate to stir such reaction seems moronic, It seems as though the plate was used by locals just as an excuse to go nuts.

Let's not forget Clarkson and the boys do tremendous work for Help for Heroes. Would he really insight hate over a war when he supports heroes?

Below is an extract from top gears blog :

"The truth is, however, this is most definitely not the sort of stunt we’d pull. For starters we would not base a joke around soldiers in conflict. Anybody who knows Top Gear knows how much work the presenters and the show does for Help For Heroes, and in our eyes soldiers are soldiers whatever the uniform."

Many people are saying the plate was chosen on purpose, But think how hard it would be to get hold of a plate like that, On the right car at the right time and if the plate was transferred there would be a record!
So lets look at the facts , You've got 3 we'll educated men who fight for the rights of Service men who believe a Soldier is a
Soldier no matter what the uniform and a silly mistake made - I wouldn't have noticed the plate, would you? 
 Looking at the facts I think this is just what it is a silly mistake not realised until it was too late they even changed the plates and made it a joke against Clarkson to give continuity.

 Added hype from their unjust reputation  , Means a recipe for disaster maybe this is just a case of the media , papers and the "we hate Clarkson" team trying to once again push a man too far to see if he snaps.

In summery I don't think they did anything wrong as such and in contradiction to popular belief I don't think it's their style to pull something like this , due to the fact people lost their lives in the Falkland's war , they would not make fun of something of this nature especially in one of the affected country's. This is not the same situation as the USA special.

If you want to know anymore about this I suggest you have a read here :

And for anyone interested in knowing more about the Falkland's War give this a read :

It seems as usual the media have taken things out of proportion and have even denied evidence proving them Innocent of this nothingness - People are wanting to blame Jeremy Clarkson for anything just to make themselves feel better for failing at life. Get a life and stop attacking other people! Top Gear provides hours of entertainment a year, As controversial as it may be I couldn't imagine life without it and Jeremy Clarkson, James May And Richard Hammond  are the people that make it great wart's and all.

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