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Monday, 31 August 2015

a legend , a genius, wes craven sadly passed on

Its not often when a director passes on I decide to blog about it BUT when its the father of modern day horror , Mr Wes Craven there was no question I have to purely as this man helped shape my childhood from the all time great nightmare on elm street to the most latest scream 4. 

Wes Craven passed away on Sunday afternoon in Los Angeles. The iconic horror director known for his work on films such as A Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream and  The Last House on the Left  Mr craven was 76-years-old and he had been battling brain cancer.

His family released a statement saying; 'It is with deep sadness we inform you that Wes Craven passed away at 1pm on Sunday, August 30 after battling brain cancer. Craven was surrounded by love'


Craven began his career in 1972 with The Last House on the Left, a film he wrote, directed and edited at a cost of less than $100,000 and went on to make over $3million.

He followed that up with The Hills Have Eyes, another massive success which made $25million on a budget of just over $200,000.  At this point he had become known as a master of horror, but it was his character Freddy Kruger that made him known worldwide.

The evil child murderer who was featured in Craven's most popular film, A Nightmare on Elm Street, had a gloved arm with razors and burns covering his entire body.

Kruger would attack his victims in their dreams, a premise so terrifying it had many people afraid to sleep after seeing the film. The first Nightmare film premiered in 1984, and spawned countless sequels.  each one more terrifying then the last 

Craven was born in Cleveland, and prior to coming to Hollywood earned a degree in English and Psychology from Wheaton College before going on to receive a master's degree in Philosophy and Writing from Johns Hopkins University.

In a 2011 interview with The New York Times Craven said he was drawn to horror and fear because he and his brother both worried they would die at the age of 40 as that is when their father passed away.

To lose someone who birthed the modern day horror genre is devastating. I pray that someone decides to lock Freddie up and save him from the dreaded 'remake' because to have this work of art remade for the modern  day kin would be a true nightmare. 

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