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Saturday, 22 November 2014

kim kardashian breaking the internet



I don't know if she was making a political statement on the resent feminism up rise or just loves her Photo shopped arse so much. either way it was a pretty stupid idea. I've got to feel sorry for her kids one day they'll be old enough to see her half naked on line and how the Internet have twisted it to many many different memes

she tried to break the Internet , didn't work all she did is conform for many why its important to educate the youth of today  to get careers and push the understanding of trying, to push the human spirit to learn more and dream, If anyone reads this blog I hope you take away one thing don't show you're arse for profit show your personality and skill. you'll get more from it. 
some people could say yea she looks great ! but why? was it brave to show her photo shopped body ? or would it be braver to accomplish something outstanding like winning a Nobel Prize or the Woman of Achievement awards? Or outstanding charity work? a person is worth more then their body.

so let me know what you think was it a good idea? or was it totally stupid? 

Written By z0mbi3gam3r

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