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Thursday, 20 November 2014

More Energy Drinks for Diabetics

After yesterdays review I figured to add some more on energy drinks. Today Ive got sugar free Evolve from home bargains 4 for 79p great value usually as  these are 4 for £1 at pound land.

A mixed fruit flavor with a hint of the sweet, refresher it holds a mellow taste that's easy to drink when its room temperature its gross stick it in the freezer for half an hour and drink :) 

Boost energy 
the cheap (ish) Lt bottle of caffeine easy to grab from the  shelf , around £1.29 its OK for a small glass but don't drink it first thing on a empty stomach you will be sitting on the toilet the rest of the day ! it has a bitter taste you' ll find with most cheap energy drinks like I said its OK for the price but there is better tasting options out there!

Asdas Blue charge
Working in a office for 9 hours a day I usually need a little pick me up all day and I cant stand the taste of coffee so ill end up drinking bottles of this all day its cheap , tastes of your generic energy drink flavor but well worth it asdas sometimes have it for 79p for a Lt so your cant knock it. Also if your lucky they'll have it 2 for £1 so its a good idea to keep a look out .

Mountain Dew Energy Sugar Free 
horse piss. That's all I can say the after taste is so good awful I had to  rinse my mouth out they market it for gamers but to honestest id rather drink a rung out sanitary towel. the best drink I could suggest for a heavy nights gaming is  of course sugar free monster.
Its best to avoid this one unless you enjoy the toxic gagging after taste of lemon and caffeine and sweetener.

Written By z0mbi3gam3r

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