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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Energy Drinks For Diabetics

As a type 1 diabetic addicted to caffeine from rock star, monster red bull, tescos kick, asdas blue charge Ive tried them all , and all sugar free  most of which can be quite bitter and leave a nasty after taste like emerge sugar free its great at 35p but the after taste can leave a bad taste in your mouth

a good one I think is rock star pure zero it has a great after taste and is easy to drink fruity but mellow as well perfect for the morning after a heavy night gaming and at 99p you cant knock it 

now as for the devils drink , my favourite Monster energy , my favourite of the sugar free range is the lo-carb with a yummy bubblegum taste this is by far my favourite near on impossible to get now I recommend stocking up if you can its worth it
it works out around £1 to £1.30 per can perfect for staying awake ! and giving the extra boost you need :) the other sugar free option is absolute zero this one has more of a similar taste like rock star still worth trying

now for the one that started it all , Red bull the first energy drink I ever had with a sharp sweet taste even  being sugar free it didn't taste that way, OK value for money but to be honest being able to buy the larger cans of monster and red bull has put me of red bull sugar free. locally I can only find the regular sizes in sugar free as the red bull hype as all but over now most places will sell it for about 89p so if this is your favourite its a good idea to look around first,

So ill end on that note let me know what you think below  on your experiences with energy drinks what ones have you tried? what ones can you recommend ?

Written By  z0mbi3gam3r

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