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Saturday, 11 October 2014

Agents Of Shield - Are you ready to comply ?

Agents of shield hits us with so many feels this week , The good kid ( Donny Gill) brain washed into helping hydra and of course Fitz, poor Fitz seeing Ward face to face , I still think ward is trying to cover his own back like he's holding on to the last bit of power he has , I think there's more to wards story I don't think the writers are done with him yet , Truth is Id like to see him turn good completely though I don't think that's going to happen.
So , Donny Gill - Good kid on the run hiding from both sides, both shield and Hydra want him both as a weapon.
No wonder hes hiding ! Who wouldn't ? One side brain Washes him the other trains him probably to an inch of his life , Though with the fall of Shield who says hydra wasn't there training him as well ?

Agent 33
For those who don't know who she is , Agent 33 is a researcher and historian who has a special interest in classical mythology.
She had studied the career of Greek Demigod Hercules and was instrumental to Nick Fury, In recruiting him to aid S.H.I.E.L.D. against Ares and his Warhawks.
During Hercules' final battle with the Warhawks, Agent 33 discovered that Agent DePaul was a traitor working for Ares. DePaul attempted to kill Agent 33, but instead died himself.
So she does have a long history with marvel , What the future brings for her we don't know. Personally I think shes the evil may , Programmed to kick ass when told , kind of like deathlok with out the incentives program.

One thing I am really glad to see is good old Simmons back, Under cover deep within hydra but why ? To get more Intel or to try and cure Fitz? Either way I can't help but think this kitten is about to roar lets hope Coulson has given her the tools to survive in the forests of hydra.

This series we see a more tougher, stronger more together Skye monitoring her heart rate, Is this a part of her training or something bigger ? With an S.O. like May who can tell ? At-least she doesn't say BANG anymore when the gun go's off !
Without giving too much away to those who haven't seen it yet , I'll say this : BRING BACK LOLA! and it was great ! :D
Can't wait until next week !

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