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Friday, 17 October 2014

#gamergate and Girl Gamers - NO GIRLS ALLOWED!-

Dear Readers,
                      Today I'm going to Touch on a topic I think needs to be addressed, of course the big thing right now is #GAMERGATE and #STOPGAMERGATE.

from what I understand #GAMERGATE is marking the corruption with game developers and the people that review the games,

Now I'm all for the truth, I'm totally against corruption I am supporting #GAMERGATE for this reason and this reason alone. Both me and RES1080p believe making a review of any game it needs to be 100% truth , ( yes we have been burned before with games not being as good as some trusted  YouTuber's have said ) Learning from that we vowed never to post a video with a paid for review only showing the good parts never and the bad. No matter what the price its just not worth it. Being on the other end we know it SUCKS!

There's one part of #GAMERGATE that worries us both, of course its the hate on girl gamers knowing a few girl gamers our selves we can see how it effects them from the Hate , to the rape threats  then out right death threats  and why ? its simple because they can. Its easy to hide away on the Internet making threats to woman when you don't need to show your face,  playing games like battlefield, COD and dayz (yup Ive seen it on dayz as well! )  I can fully understand if the girl is acting like a total Bitch distracting all from the game at hand but what if she isn't ? what if she is simply trying to play the game for fun ? does that mean she needs to have the same abuse purely because shes a girl ?
Ask your selves this , would you walk up to a woman/girl in real life who was just standing there playing the game of life (working hard paying the bills doing the shopping etc..)  and say the same thing ? well of course not ! so why when a girl is playing games online do gamers feel the need to do the same thing ? most girl gamers I know are to afraid now to use a mic in game in case such threats happen and to be honest who can blame them?

As for the controversy surrounding Zoe Quin well lets look at the facts,
OK shes a indie game Dev with a pissed of ex who chances are may of wanted to get revenge on her, as its the Internet we may never know the full story from the exes blog stating she slept with a game reporter
for a better review on her game , to the response from the Kotaku's editor-in-chief stating , two had been involved in a relationship, but stated that Grayson had not written anything about Quinn after the relationship had commenced and that he had never reviewed her games .While Grayson had written an article about the failed GAME_JAM web reality show that Quinn participated in and Kotaku had also mentioned her game, both occurred before the relationship began . Although the accusations of favourable coverage were refuted, the incident led to broader allegations on social media that game developers and the gaming press are too often closely connected and that cultural criticism of video games has led to an increasing focus on social representation and cultural meaning in games by some video games writers. A number of commentators within and outside the games industry denounced the attack on Quinn as misogynistic and unfounded.

so what do we end up with ? as I said before it the Internet you cant tell if its real , fake , or a troll on a power trip all you can do is take it with a pinch of salt and hope for the best , this though is still no excuse for the way girl gamers are treated. 
one thing is for sure ....

So ill end on that note let me know what you think below id love to hear your thoughts ! 

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