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Sunday, 12 October 2014

Doctor Who ?

Episode 8 : Mummy on the Orient Express

A mysterious, wonderful and glamorous train flying
though space holds a dangerous secret and
of course we get the famous line "Are you my
mummy ?" A throw back from the
episode The Empty Child with Christopher Eccleston and the David Tennant episode - The Sontaran Stratagem As well. I cant quite remember if Matt Smith said it also
but if you know then comment below .

As for the over all feel of the episode what can i say ? 
We've got a monster ( or 2 ) a psychotic computer called GUS
and Clara wanting to leave the Tardis not to forget the cameo's from foxes and 
Frank Skinner ! Both brilliant. Frank Skinner basically said in doctor who extra
 he would love to come back to the Tardis, I for one hope he does

First lets look at the monster - A mummy  , A Solider from a
war long ago that kills you in 66 seconds from the moment you see it
to the moment it place's its worn out dead hands on you
and how does it do this ? Well I'm not going to drop a massive spoiler on you all if
you've not seen it yet !

 Lets now look at the psychotic computer Gus
he's tried to get the Doctor on board before with Amy and Rory
on their wedding day, If you remember in Matt Smiths generation
the doctor got a call , A Mummy on the Orient Express , The episode
ended with him taking the call and Amy saying bye to
the wedding party shouting from outside the Tardis this
led me to believe the doctor had already been there...

I guess they were short on storie's for Capaldi , As for this
regeneration the new darker doctor interests me. Will
he find a conscience ? I see a lot of William Hartnell in this
regeneration like Clara , A school teacher  also last week
we had one of her students join the Tardis so does this
mean regeneration number 14 will be like number 2 ? Only time will tell  ,

As for Clara wanting to leave, well spoilers have told me that
she's in till Christmas time but as with spoilers you cant
really say if they're right or not , As for Clara her self well it's the usual story
the companion wants a normal life but cant walk away from the excitement, The
adventures and the life with the doctor in the blue stolen box.. I  hope she leaves the Tardis in
one piece and not by Missy's hand ...

The over all episode to be honest should of had Clara still angry at the doctor remembering the last
episode, They had a fight! They could of done more to expand Clara's character more , though would that fit in with the new darker doctor ? 

 You decide and let us know below.

Well I hope you enjoyed today's blog and I hope I didn't give to much away
no one likes spoilers !

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