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Saturday, 11 April 2015

#FreeTheNipple: Women in Iceland bare their breasts on Twitter


OK so a 17 year old girl in Iceland decided to 'free the nipple' and the Internet has exploded ( well twitter has ) forget the fact shes decided to bare all on line , how about the fact SHE'S 17!?! surely that's counted as child porn!!!!! ? EW EW EW EW EW EW  !!!! 

The hash tag went viral in Iceland after 17-year-old student Adda Þóreyjardóttir Smáradóttir announced an upcoming ‘Free the Nipple’ day at her school, The Commercial College of Iceland.
After receiving criticism, she posted an image of her nipples on Twitter.
She was immediately body-shamed and trolled.

the point she was making is that men can walk around topless while women can’t. OK fair point but lets look at the facts , ladies boobies are basically used for 2 things feeding babies and sexual pleasure the sickest thing is now more woman are bearing all on line they don't know what they are doing this might not encourage rape but what about the other things woman fight to stop ? harassment , sexual assault etc.. ? I'm worried that a band of woman are being miss leaded by a 17 year old girl now I'm all for equal rights men and woman deserve the same rights its only fair , but there's a limit when you take something like this your going to get back lash it happens and to do it on line you asking for trolls to start the Internet is full of them! 

I really hope really , really , hope she gets her ideals right , shes 17 showing her tits of she needs to understand its not about that. if you want to fight equal rights use the best put of the body both men and woman have 

the mind.

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Monday, 17 November 2014

How to deal with Trolls

So , Internet trolls how do we deal with them? there's loads of different ways to do so , the popular tell a grown up, Report the troll to an op, administrator, or site owner the administrator or site owner will know how to deal with the troll and will know whether to ban or kick.what does this get you ? sure they kick, ban the troll but then what? 

what if the admin or site owner is a troll as well ? well then your screwed you cant tell the sight owner if there just as bad a the troll what do you do then ? this is were you decide weather your going to back down or fight back. they say don't no feed the trolls don't give in and give them what they want. 

but what if you did ? what if you fed the trolls to the point of over feeding? hit every comment with a lighting response for example :

some people tend to go for the over clingy your my new best friend method which can work depending on what type of troll you have,  if it works the troll will leave you a lone after a while

or there's the more favorable one totally freak them out , like completely freak them out to the point they leave . if they say something like  'bend over' reply with  'yea i said that to your mum as well....'  it is possible to out troll a troll you just need to play it cool they get kicks by making pain and misery on others, it could be as  they have pain in their own life , something that kills them inside , it could be anything , being bullied at school to work going shit to being mad at there mummy for not tucking them in at night, if your able to find out what the chink in their Armour is use it , it will get them wound up to the point they will leave 

Ive tried this method it can work you just need to stand fast and have good come backs.

so ill leave it on this note remember if your faced with a troll don't ignore, you could walk away yea , and tell them your not going to respond as you don't feed trolls, or if able fire back with a quick response. 

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